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Stunning Long Hair to Short Makeover

Andrea hadn't really a defined look. I thought short hair and crisp make up would help give her a unique more confident looking style.

If you're in need of a need look come see the hair experts at Knotty Hair Salon! Our unique salon is filled with natural light, a positive energy and a creative styling team. Whether you desire a classic cut or swanky style we want our guests to leave the salon with a confident smile. We pride ourselves on our continuing education - sometimes traveling as far as New York to learn the freshest trends. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and treat you to a comfortable and enjoyable salon experience.

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Moroccanoil Products For Color Treated Hair

There is nothing more frustrating and disappointing than having dull, dry and unhealthy hair. In many cases, color treated hair can bring about bad results especially if there is not enough maintenance and care since the chemicals used in dyeing can cause damage, making it rough, dry and ugly. That is why it is important to also know the products needed to maintain your color treated hair. Having good knowledge of the right products, you are guaranteed to have gorgeous, lovely and irresistible hair. Try and use the Moroccanoil products to maintain healthy locks.

Use the following effective tips to maintain your color treated hair.

1. As always, it is important to clean with the shampoo that is enriched with repair and moisturizing formula. For this purpose, use the Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo. This shampoo is equipped with the best ingredients to keep your colored treated hair healthy and shiny. In using this shampoo, your hair will be thoroughly cleaned and will be infused with Argan oil, proteins, fatty acids and other nutrients good enough to make it well nourished. Aside from this, your hair will also improve its overall health and leaving it soft and shiny.

To do this: get a good amount of Moroccan Moisture Repair Shampoo and massage into the scalp. Rinse out thoroughly.

2. After you have rinsed our thoroughly, it is best to now use the Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask to help reconstruct and rebuild your hair after being treated by dye. Since this hair product can penetrate deep, it helps reverses the damage caused by chemicals, leaving your hair safe and protected despite it being color treated. Aside from this, the mask is also equipped with a powerful formula that is responsible in bringing out your hair natural health, making it soft and shiny.

To do this: apply a generous amount of the mask throughout your hair. Leave it for seven to ten minutes. Rinse out thoroughly.

3. When you have rinsed out your hair, moisturize it hair with Moroccanoil Oil Treatment for all Hair Type. This product effectively absorbs into the hair, thus eliminating frizz and speeds up styling b 40%. It also provides longtime hair conditioning for your color treated hair. This hair product is also effective is giving your hair protection against UV damage and other environment factors.

To do this: get a good amount of Moroccanoil Oil Treatment for all Hair Type and massage into your hair. You aim is to get a shinier and healthier looking color treated hair. By using this product, you are guaranteed continuous hair improvement, eliminating split ends and brittle breakage.

With right products for color treated hair, it not actually impossible to eliminate and transform a dull, dry and unhealthy hair into adoring and shiny hair. All you have to do is try the products mentioned above to get maximum results by following the three steps of achieving a healthy hair.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How To Part Your Hair

Professional hair stylist, Aubrey Loots, gives you tips, tricks, and step by step instructions on how to part your hair.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Best Hairstyle For You - The Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

The oval-shaped face is what they say, the perfect face shape, though not all people have this as some are born square-shaped, round-shaped, heart-shaped or even diamond-shaped. So what hairstyle is best for the different kinds of face shapes?

It is worthwhile for you to take your time and try to see what kind of face shape you have before going to the parlor. Since most stylists would just cut your hair the way you want it, it's best for you to know what kind of hairstyle would suit you the best.

OVAL SHAPE. People with an oval-shaped face can get away with any kind of hairstyle. Long, short, curly, straight, wavy, it would suit them. Though one must remember not to exaggerate your hairstyle like cutting your bangs super short, instead of emphasizing your oval face, you would look as if you have a round-shaped face.

DIAMOND SHAPE. The flaw of this face shape is that you have a longer face, wider cheeks and a narrow forehead and chin. Give yourself bangs to shorten the look of your face. It is also advisable for you to part your hair sideways instead of the middle so that it won't point out to the line where your face elongates.

ROUND SHAPE. The important thing when you have a round-shaped face is to never give extra volume to your hair, for it would only emphasize its roundness. Soft curls or wavy locks would be okay. Don't give yourself bangs since your round faces are equal in all portions, bangs would make your face shorter. Also give your hair a little height to lengthen your face.

SQUARE SHAPE. People with a square-shaped face have wider jaws. When giving yourself bangs, don't go for the full bangs look as it would highlight the squareness of your face, long side bangs would work. Remember that you must take away the attention from your jaw, give yourself layers to soften it.

HEART SHAPE. Heart-shaped faces needs to lengthen their faces since it's more on width. If you desire bangs, it mustn't be heavy and full, side bangs are okay. It is also advisable for you to part your hair in the middle to create an illusion of length.

Since oval is the desired face shape, remember to sport a cut that would make you look as though you have an oval-shaped face, or at least close to it.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Curly Hair Length

Finding the best hair length is not always that easy. Whether you are a male or female, some lengths will look great and some just won't work. Whenever you find the right length, you wait a little too long and end up with a desperate need for a haircut. Deciding on a good hair length can be even harder if you have curly hair. You don't want it too long or too short.

Keeping curly hair short can be difficult yet easy. With short hair, no more than 5 inches long, can be easy to take care of for several reasons. First of all, because it's so short, it's always the healthiest hair possible. With less than 5 inches you are constantly getting new growth. This helps your hair to behave better. Also, short hair tends to curl better. There is less hair there to weight it down. This can be a problem to get it just right though because you don't want it to end up looking like an afro.

If you want really short curly hair, work carefully with your hairdresser. Find a cut that looks right curly and that you can easily maintain. If you cut it really short, be aware that if you decide to grow it long again, it might look funny for a little while when it's in the in between stages.

Medium length hair, or shoulder length, almost always works very well with curly hair. It's long enough to not curl into a ball, depending on how curly your hair is, but it's not too short that the weight of your hair will pull out the curls. I've always liked to keep my hair at this length and find it looks its best. You could experiment with layers if you want, but it might work best for you to keep one length.

Long hair with curls can look beautiful but be tricky. One problem with long hair is that the longer it gets, the older it is. If you have damaged hair that you blow dry, straighten, and color often, your hair will look damaged. Curly hair needs a lot of moisture and to be left alone from heat and color as much as possible. If you want to grow your hair long, be sure to trim it every so often, preferably every month if you are at the length you like, to remove damaged hair.

Also, with long curls, the weight of your hair can weight it down, pulling out the curls. Or, if your hair is really frizzy and curly, you could have a huge poof for hair. If you want more tamed curls and your hair works this way, then by all means, grow it long. If you get a poof, your hair probably doesn't get the right moisture and needs some extra care. Use a good conditioner and add an antifrizz serum.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How To Smooth and Straighten Coarse, Curly Hair

How to smooth and straighten coarse, curly hair using Enjoy Professional Hair Care products.

Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Different Ways to Wear Bangs

Here are 5 different ways to wear your bangs. This will help you try something new with your bangs if you are tired of wearing them the same way.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

How To Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a problem for women, especially those with curly hair who live in warm or humid climates. Before you even leave your home, your beautiful hair style can start to fall apart and make you look disheveled. You can wear your hair in a ponytail, but the situation can bring down your confidence and spoil your style.

Besides humidity, there are many causes for frizzy hair, the main one being that your hair lacks moisture. It's very important to use a cream conditioner after shampooing so that your hair can retain moisture. Keep in mind that excessive use of shampoo is bad for your hair because it causes your hair to lose its natural oils. For best results, wash your hair twice weekly.

Applying excessive heat with a flat iron or blow dryer everyday can add to the problem. The frequent use of hair dryers can not only make your hair look brittle, but can cause split ends as well. Styling your hair twice a week with the help of a heat protecting product is sufficient to reduce the frizz, keep you looking your best and lock in moisture.

Another cause of frizz is using chemicals or a lot of products to color, treat or manage your hair. While using these products may make you feel or look better temporarily, they tend to damage in the long run. Therefore, you should try to cut back on the use of styling products and talk to your colorist about how often he or she recommends doing color treatments so that you damage your hair as little as possible. A monthly deep conditioning can also help to reduce frizz for color treated hair and a small amount of gel can help control damaged hair.

Another method of getting rid of frizzy hair is to stop using a hairbrush. Using a wide-tooth comb is a better option because it does not break the strands, cause split ends or cause frizz. One of the best ways to detangle your locks is to run your fingers through them gently while in the shower and then pat dry with a towel as opposed to rubbing dry.

No matter where we live or how well we take care of ourselves, we all have to deal with frizz from time to time, but that doesn't mean that we should let it take over our day. This is a problem that can be remedied with a bit of patience and care. We hope that our suggestions will help you out. Good luck.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

These Hairdos Are Hair-Don'ts!

Ellen introduced a brand new segment, "Oh, Hair No!" She shared some of the craziest hairstyles that had everyone laughing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How To Choose A Hair Color To Go With Your Complexion

I heard on the news today that the temperature was going to hit the upper 90s again. If you are wearing hair color, and it does not matter what color you are wearing, I am sure you want your color to always look exciting. Many of you are spending days in the sun, at the beach and in the pool, which means chlorine and salt water, which can be very difficult on color treated hair. Did you know that the lighter your hair is from its natural color the more difficult it is to keep it healthy in these elements?

If your hair is blond and you want to keep it from turning green from the chlorine you might want to presoak it first and apply some conditioner in it before you get in the pool so that your hair does not absorb the chlorine. Redken has Color Extend Sun Solar Screen SPF12 that gives excellent protection, and Banana Boat has a very inexpensive one, Sport Body and Scalp Sunscreen at about $5.00 that works well. When it comes to shampooing, you also want to use sulfate free shampoos as well. Those that contain sulfates will fade your color and your color investment goes right down the drain. Because you need to shampoo often if you swim, go to the beach or work out in the gym, there is a need to shampoo more often. However, shampooing every other day or even every two days is sufficient and on those other days just use a conditioner and massage through your hair and scalp and rinse. Your hair will be clean; it will smell great and will look as if you shampooed it and won't feel weighted down.

If your hair is brunette, adding some subtle highlights would look great and give great natural highlighted look. I call it the sun kissed look. Just have it highlighted just around the face and just where the sun touches your head down to the tips with the look of perfect dark to light graduation. This can be achieved with balyage or with a large tooth comb and even smooshing it a little at the ends to achieve the desired look of warm caramels and honey gold with more blonde at the ends. Children have a natural sun kissed look after playing in the sun. If you see a child with the perfect highlights you admire, take a photo and take them to your hairstylist and see if he or she can duplicate them for you.

No matter what color or highlights you are wearing, they should enhance your face and never take away from your face. If you have warm undertones you are good to go with warm tones such as reds, coppers, gold tones and auburns. If you have cool undertones you are good to go with colors in the cooler tones or on the ashy side. Have you ever seen someone with warm undertones wearing ash blond hair? Did they look a little green to you? What about someone with a cooler complexion wearing straight up blond hair? Did they appear a tad bit washed out? You get the picture. Stay in your lane.

I love reading Rosemary Rodgers romantic novels. The heroine always has red hair and green eyes. This combination is always a good fit, don't you think? That is because on the color wheel, green and red are opposite which means they are complimentary colors.

The point I am getting at is color should complement your eyes and skin color. I have created a chart and you can select where you are with your eye color, skin color and hair color. From there, you can pick the correct color family that is perfect for you. The right hair color will change your life.

If your eye color is dark brown or black, gray-blue or dark blue, hazel with, gray or blue flecks, you fall in the cool category. If your eye color is dark warm brown, golden brown, green, green blue or turquoise, hazel with gold or brown flecks, you fall in the warm category. Now for skin color, if you have very dark brown to medium brown with olive undertones, true olive (some blacks, Asians and Latinos), medium with no color in cheeks, medium with faint pink cheeks, medium with golden undertones, pale with no color in cheeks, brown or bronze when tan, you fall in the cool category. If you are brown with pink undertones, golden undertones, pale with peach or gold undertones, freckled, ruddy or golden brown when tan, you fall into the warm category. For the natural hair color, if your hair color is blue black, deep coffee brown, medium ash brown, medium golden brown, dishwater blond or white to silver, you fall in the cool category. However, if your hair has red undertones, red, strawberry blonde, then you fall into the warm category.

If you checked mostly cools, then you are naturally cool, likewise, if you are mostly warm, you are naturally warm. If you are naturally cool you want to stay away from yellow, gold, bronze and red because they will make you look washed out. You would look great in shiny black dark ash brown, cool browns or cool blonds in platinum. Of course it also depends on your skin tone. You can even wear those awesome bright red lipsticks that other people would look less flattering wearing.

Naturally warm people should avoid jet black hair for sure, violet and blue hair because it will not be the best look for you. You will find that your best look, depending on your skin tone will be deep chocolates, golden browns, auburns, warm gold, red highlights, and golden blonds to make your look pop. I love adding highlights in warm tones to compliment.

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