Monday, June 30, 2014

Statement Haircuts for Summer — Glamour's Talk Pretty to Me

By far, the biggest hair statement you could make is cutting it all off. We talked to real women on the street to find out their inspiration and picked up a ton of ideas on the way.

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Midlength Haircut That's Perfect for Summer --Glamour's Elevator Makeover

When Jennifer, an actress, gets into an elevator on her way to her call-back, she has no idea she'll wind up with a fresh new haircut and a style transformation. Surprise! Jennifer's best friend Kristie asked Glamour's beauty pros Theodore Leaf and Sona Gasparian to help Jennifer update her style, and they deliver!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fun Summer Hair Color Trends -- Glamour's Talk Pretty to Me

From Kelly Osbourne to Kylie Jenner, we've seen some seriously bold spring and summer hair color ideas on celebs this season. But how are we real women wearing the trends? Find out in this episode of "Talk Pretty to Me."

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Healthy Hair Habits: Deep Conditioners

The use of deep conditioners should be a part of any healthy hair care regimen. You may ask: Why are they so important? It's hard to imagine that anyone would wash their hair without using a rinse out conditioner, unless the shampoo had a conditioner in it. With all the stress that we place on our hair, it's even harder to imagine not using a deep conditioner from time to time.

Before you ask yourself the following questions, you need to know why it's important to deep condition your hair. First, a good deep conditioner will hydrate dry hair by penetrating the hair shaft to restore moisture and to prevent breakage. Second, it can help to alleviate the daily damage we inflict upon our hair by the use of excessive heat and chemical treatments, etc. Third, they are treatments and usually are required to remain in the hair for 15-30 minutes.

Asking yourself the following questions about deep conditioners will guide you in the right direction.

1. How often should I deep condition my hair?

Opinions vary on how often you should deep condition your hair. A good rule of thumb to use is to determine how often you use heat, what elements your hair is exposed to on a regular basis, product use, and hair type. Some suggest once a month is sufficient even with dry, damaged hair. Others suggest at least twice a month. According to the literature that is out there, it's not really necessary to deep condition more than a couple of times a month.

(Note: For the best results,use a heating cap or sit under a hooded dryer with a plastic baggy. This helps to open the cuticle layer and penetrate the hair shaft.)

2. What type of deep conditioner is best for my hair type?

There are different types of deep conditioners for different hair types. There are those that are infused with essential oils and herbs, others with keratin proteins, silk and wheat proteins. You should determine right away if your hair needs a moisture-based conditioner or a protein-based conditioner. Different sources suggest that if your hair is dry and it snaps and breaks easily, you should use a moisturizing conditioner. If your hair is fine, and stretches then snaps, a conditioner with protein should be used.

(Note: Some people go with plant-based proteins opposed to animal-based proteins. More research is needed in order to determine which protein-based conditioners are best. It's possible that it's a matter of preference, but surely some will argue that one is better than the other and can provide justification for their claims.)

3. Can I use a regular rinse out conditioner as a deep conditioning treatment?

Some sources say that it's OK to use a regular rinse out conditioner as a deep conditioning treatment. This is the point where you will have to be investigators and read the ingredients list to distinguish which ingredients are similar and which are different in rinse outs and deep conditioners. Some say that rinse out conditioners only coat the top layer of the hair strand and doesn't contain ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft. Typically a conditioner that is for deep conditioning will let you know.

Kenya L. Holmes is the Creator/Founder of The Kink; a natural hair care and natural living website & blog. For more information, go to,
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tips For Getting The Best Hair Color

Every now and then we like to change the way our hair looks. We generally do this by getting haircuts or changing the hair color. These approaches to changing our looks can either subtly enhance what we already have, or they can completely make us look like a different person.

Before you decide to go into the salon for haircuts or hair color you have to decide what you want the color change to do for you.

1. If you want your hair color to cover the grey that is starting to appear in your hair then you want to keep the shade of color as close to your natural color as possible. This way people will not really know if you color your hair or not. It will look natural on you.

2. If you want to change your color, but still remain looking natural you want to keep the dyes you choose in the same family as your natural hair color. If you are a natural blonde try going a shade or two lighter, or darker than normal. This will give you a change without making you look drastically changed.

3. If you want to go for a whole new you then choose a color that you think is awesome. Today people are even going with vibrant yellows, reds, purple, greens, and blues. Make certain that your job will allow you to have these vibrant colors before you spend the money to get them put into your hair. Some businesses do not allow what they consider to be unnatural colors in their workers hair.

4. If you have a fair complexion then dying your hair a dark color will make your complexion look even paler. Sometimes the dark colors can even make you appear washed out if you go too dark.

5. If you have a dark complexion the lighter colors can either enhance your dark skinned good looks, or they can make you look like a person that suffers from jaundice. Dark skinned people, who have brown eyes, have to be very careful when lightening their hair to keep from making themselves look ill.

6. If you have red hair it is going to show through whatever color you place on top of it. The only way to get rid of the reddish hues in red hair is to completely strip the hair to white and then apply color to it. This is very harsh on the hair, but otherwise two weeks after coloring your hair the red will be showing.

7. The best way to choose the right haircuts and the right colors to put on your hair is to talk to your stylist. They know the strengths of your hair and they know the weaknesses of the hair as well. They can make recommendations according to what you want and yet still keep your tresses healthy after the change. Do remember that the difference between a really bad hairstyle and a really good one is usually about two weeks.

Hiarcuts and hair color are two of the things we use when we want to change how we look, or how we feel about ourselves. You can get more information from hair color in Irvine.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hair Color - Beauty Is Not in a Box

We have all seen the commercials advertising at home hair color products and the aisles and aisles of boxed hair color at the local drugstore or supermarket. The application looks so easy and the price cannot be beat, right? What many people do not realize is that the negatives of box color heavily outweigh the positives.

Many hair color companies do not only produce box color, they also produce professional hair color that salons use on clients. So what is the difference? Many color companies have different grades of ingredients that they use. The lower grade products are generally what you find in the hair color aisle. They use cheaper ingredients to lower their cost to make a higher profit. They then sell the better hair color to the licensed professionals that are experts in their field. There is a very good reason why the color that is on the shelves is not what the professionals put on your hair.

As a hairstylist, many of the new clients that I see come into my salon with hair that is dry with a lot of frizz have been coloring their own hair. I see many heads of hair every week and the texture that box color creates is unappealing. The hair has no shine and the moisture was stripped from the hair. The cuticle of the hair was raised and feels like straw. Most people who use box color are not using professional styling products either, and if they are, they are doing more damage with the box color then if they did not use any products at all.

Applying box color to the hair is no easy task. Although the instructions are detailed, it is difficult for people to apply the color to their own hair. This results in spots caused by uneven application, overlapping hair color (which is very damaging), and a messy bathroom. This can all be avoided if you visit a professional or if you can convince a family member to apply your color.

When you walk down the hair color aisle and you see the hundreds of boxes with all different colors on the box, how do you know which color to pick? Most people grab the box that has the most appealing color on the front and decide that one would be the best color for their hair. But is it? The answer is most likely no. We have all heard the color nightmare stories people have told of: "My hair turned green!" or "It was way darker than the picture!" When clients sit down in a hairstylist's chair, there are many factors that the stylist takes into consideration when choosing what color to apply to the clients hair. Some of these factors include percentage of gray, integrity of the hair, the client's skin tone and eye color, how often they are in the sun, their lifestyle, natural hair color, and existing hair color (which is not always the same as natural hair color), as well as many other questions that are discussed in a consultation. Professional cosmetologists spend their whole career trying to perfect the color process. When they go to mix the client's color they do not use one color and put it all over the head. Even when they are going for a solid color look, they mix multiple colors together and sometimes even use one color at the root and another color through the ends. So when a shopper is looking for their next hair color in the beauty section, they are buying one solid color and many times it is not the right color for them.

Another reason the finished look from box color is not very attractive is how opaque the color is. Most products on the shelf are permanent and that sounds appealing because no one wants their color to fade but it is not ideal. Pulling a permanent color from scalp to ends tends to make the hair look matte and muddy with little or no shine. Most ends are porous and when a permanent color is put on the ends it soaks it up and has the potential to be darker than at the roots. Not to mention, one solid color with no shine or dimension looks very unnatural. Also, all the color box that claims that it is "semi permanent," quite possibly is not. Even if it states that it will rinse out after 20 shampoos, most of the time it leaves a line of demarcation, which is a permanent altercation of the hair. The advertising can be deceiving.

"What if I don't like the color that I got from the box?" With all of the previously mentioned factors, most people end up not being happy with the color they received from the box. If that color turns a bad color, ends up too dark, or unattractive, the person has few options in the beauty aisle to fix it, and if there were many options, many people wouldn't know which option to choose. At that point, the person with the bad color needs to go see a professional at a salon. Most stylists would call that service a color correction and that price could be very expensive, can be very difficult and take hours, or even multiple appointments.

Next time you see a celebrity endorsing a color that you are able to purchase at the drugstore, remember that they have personal hairdressers that probably would not let that color touch their hair. The celebrity's hair always looks beautiful and shiny. This is not achieved by boxed color. If you truly want multi-dimensional, gorgeous color, call a professional. Your hair will thank you.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Benefits of Getting Your Hair Done by a Hair Salon

With the current state of the economy, many women are looking to save money wherever they can. This often means clipping coupons for their favorite grocery products, learning to change their own tires, and carpooling for work and school. However, one thing that women should not try to cut corners with is their haircare.

Here are 4 great reasons to get your hair done at a professional hair salon:

1. Professional hair stylists know what products to use to make your hair look its best. Many women have damaged their hair by using the wrong kinds of color, relaxers and other products. Others may have split ends, or damage from heating their hair with blow dryers and curling irons. A hairdresser may have products on hand that will help to repair this damage, as well as to help protect your hair from future mishaps.

2. A professional hair stylist can help you find a look that works for your facial type and personality. Let's face it, the style that you wore in high school tends to get a little old once you hit thirty. Also, while Halle Berry may be able to pull off the latest short style, if your face is square it may not look as fabulous. A hair dresser will be able to find a style that matches your face and personality while keeping you abreast of the newest styles and helping to keep your look from becoming dated.

3. Your look is almost as important as your resume. When it comes to landing a great job or moving up in the company that you are already a part of, looking the part goes a long way towards letting potential employers know that you are prepared for success. Getting your hair done professionally shows that you care about details like your appearance enough to not cut corners by doing things yourself that can be done better by someone else.

4. Getting your hair done at a hair salon helps you save time. Many women shave about 30 minutes to an hour off of their daily prep time when getting ready for work just by having a style that is low maintenance and that can last at least a week between sessions.

As they say, the hair is a woman's crowning glory. Mess with anything else, but not the hair. Do not take chances and get your hair done at a professional hair salon.

David Douglas Hair Salon Provo professional stylists have the talent and skill it takes to find the style that is perfect for you and to execute cutting-edge styling techniques to help you achieve that look.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Professional Hair Salon Stylists and Services

Salon services are there for everyone. No matter what look you are trying to achieve, a professional hair salon can help you reach your goals. They have full lines of color products matched with years of experience in hair color and highlights. By either making an appointment or walking in, anyone can enjoy professional hair services.

Books are always available at salons to help guide consultations. Bringing any pictures along of the color you want or cut and style you want is always recommended. Using books and pictures to help show what look you want is a great way for the stylists to know exactly what you want. Communication is key and professional hair salons are trained to achieve the look that the customer desires. Of course, their professional view is always available if you want advice on which color or cut would be best for your unique skin tone and features. They are skilled with different cuts for all different lengths of hair. From men's cuts to bobs and long layers, stylists know how to compliment a jaw line and face shape best.

The real technique of the professionals is in their performance. Beyond being able to cut a variety of styles and lengths, they also have to know how to mix colors, highlights, toners and more. Knowing what solutions to mix to get the perfect color and shade is a learned process that continues to grow with experience. Being able to take dark colors to blonde without damaging the hair can be done by a professional hair salon. With your desired look and the condition of your hair in mind, they can safely decide how to take your hair where you want it to go.

At the salon you can also have treatments done to your hair. Conditioning treatments and masks can help strengthen your hair and restore its shine. This is great for those that use color, highlights, or use frequent heat when styling. Treatments and deep conditioners are also great for those that are trying to grow out their hair because they can help restore brittleness and prevent split ends.

Going to a professional salon is always recommended. Cutting, styling, coloring, and color mixing is difficult to do correctly if you are not a trained stylist. Not only are they educated in the craft but they have the experience to help any male or female that sits in their salon chair.

Raleigh Hair Salon Salon in Raleigh
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3 Hairstyles For When You're Growing Out Your Bangs | Hair Style Tips

We know: those bangs seemed like such a good idea in April. But now that Summer is in full swing and they're starting to grow out, you might be seriously regretting your decision. But there are plenty of styles to make the growing-out process incredibly painless. On Maria: H&M blouse.