Thursday, December 26, 2013

Transform Your Curls from Day to Night -- Braided Headband - Ouidad

Transform your captivating curls from day to night with this Braided Headband. Great for Classic Curls!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Transform Your Curls from Day to Night -- Side-Swept Messy Chignon

Transform your captivating curls from day to night with this Side-Swept Messy Chignon. Great for Wavy to Loose Curls.

Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Shampoo Your Hair Correctly | Beauty How To

Shampooing your hair seems like a simple task, but there are a lot of little mistakes you could be making that harm your hair and scalp. We're breaking down how to wash your hair with tips for every hair type. Plus, we reveal which shampoo rule you should be breaking.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Transform Your Curls from Day to Night -- Curly Pompadour

Transform your captivating curls from day to night with this Curly Pompadour. Great for Tight to Kinky Curls.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to Make a Bow Out of Your Own Hair! | Beauty How To

Bows aren't just for the gifts you're giving this season — impress everyone at your next holiday party, and try the hair bow! It looks complicated, but it only takes two minutes to master, and anyone can pull it off (seriously). Just be sure to have a few bobby pins on hand!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to Style Hair for Oval Face Shape

Oval face is the ideal shape to have, you can rock whatever look you want! Here you'll see some styles that work best for this universal face shape.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Best Hairstyles for the Rectangle Face Shape

I'll cover the best hairstyles for the rectangle face shape. Shoulder length to mid length work really well for the rectangle face shape, as well as low volume with waves. Be sure to choose styles that have a side part rather than a middle part.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Perfect Short Haircut For Your Face Shape | Beauty Beat

Short hair is in the spotlight lately, and you may be wondering if it's time for you to work up the nerve for the big chop. But how do you know which pixie style would work best for you? We've got three of the hottest 'dos and the face shapes they'd work best on.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Best Hairstyles for the Round Face Shape

Here are a few hairstyle tips that will help you on what works best for the round face shape.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to: Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse

Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse builds body and provides flexible hold. Its weightless formula creates natural styles with lift and movement, without leaving residue.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hot New Highlights For Your Hair This Winter

As the weather turns colder and the days become shorter many of us look for a bit of pampering to lift our spirits during the colder months and one of the great ways to treat yourself is to have your hair done. Winter fashions tend to be darker in colour and we lose our sunkissed colour from our skin so the best way to give us a lift and remind us of the summer is by adding highlights to our hair.

Highlights not only lift the tone of your hair but also add warmth to your face right at the time when you most need it. As the name indicates highlights are lightened or coloured sections of hair and can be as little as one or two shades lighter right through to a complete contrast. They can also be subtle with smaller sections of hair lightened or more evident with chunkier sections using various application methods such as foils where the hair is sectioned off and kept separate after the application of the colour by encasing it in foil, hair painting where the colour is, as the name suggests, painted onto the hair giving it a natural look, frosting where only the tips of the hair have bleach applied, and chunking where large chunks of hair are coloured, this can not only be highlights but also chunks of non-natural hair colours such as pink and blue.

Highlights can also be more than one colour, your hairdresser may choose to use several different tones to really add some vibrancy to your style. One of the current highlight styles is known as ombre where, particularly longer hair, is lightened to a very contrasting colour at the ends and then blended to a much darker colour at the roots.

Whilst highlights are generally a lightening of your natural colour you can also add other tones to add some vibrancy to the natural colour. Copper is a particularly popular colour as it suits many hair and skin tones and adds a lot of warmth to darker hair and shines when the light hits it.

Your hairdresser will be able to offer some great suggestions about what highlights will suit your hair colour, your skin tone, and your personality. Highlights are suitable for all hair styles from the very short to the extremely long and they can be subtle or have major impact. Highlights really can give your whole look a lift especially during the rather dull winter months.

If you are looking at getting a new look this winter, contact the team at Headspace Hair
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Don't Miss Out On Stacey and Megan's Fall Special

Receive a complimentary pumpkin conditioning treatment 

OR brow wax 

with any color or highlight service

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Braid 101: 3 Ways to Upgrade Your Basic Braid!

Braids, plaits, interlaces — whatever you call them, they're gorgeous and always give off a bohemian vibe. A regular braid is a great go-to, but why not kick yourself into high gear with our braid bootcamp? Think of it as Braid 101. Learn how to master the fishtail braid (which we've seen Selena Gomez wearing a lot lately), the Dutch braid — sister to the French braid and great for making a faux undercut, and the four-strand braid.

Before long, you'll have these down pat and will be ready to move on to the braid big leagues: waterfall braids, upside down top knot braids; the options are endless.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hair Loss: What's Normal and When to Be Concerned | Celebrity Secret Weapon

You might notice a few hairs in the shower drain or in your brush, but when does normal shedding turn into a concern? Millions of women suffer from hair loss resulting from oral contraceptives, hormonal imbalances, and even genetics. So when should you consult a doctor, who should you talk to, and what are the at-home options for hiding hair loss? We sat down with fine-hair specialist Lucinda Ellery, who has worked with celebrities like Cheryl Cole and has studios in Los Angeles and London, to chat about the options out there, including quick tips you can use in your bathroom. On Kirbie: Nanette Lepore dress

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Rose Bun Tutorial | Hair Style Ideas

The bun might be your go-to hairstyle when you're trying to keep your hair out of your face. But this twisted style can also be equally chic and beautiful, too, like the top knot, chignon, and even the clever sock bun. Now you can also add the rose bun to your repertoire this holiday season, with this tutorial that's not as difficult as it looks. Learn each of the steps, and get ready to wow everyone at your next party.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Natural Look: Hair Trend for Fall/Winter 2013-14

FashionTV captures the growing trend of the natural hair look seen at some of the biggest fashion shows for fall/winter 2013-14, so put down that hair straightener and watch this clip. Hair stylist James Pecis says, "We're taking the hair all the way back away from the face and having like a nice, clean, down-the-back look with a lot of texture to it. We're going through with Moroccan Oil Curl Cream and working through section by section applying more and more to create a lot of texture." Alexandra Tomlinson says the hair is "sexy and pretty" and that she "really likes it a lot."

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Don't Miss Out On Stacey and Megan's Fall Special

Receive a complimentary pumpkin conditioning treatment 

OR brow wax 

with any color or highlight service

Expires 11/30/2013

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Moroccanoil Molding Cream

From backstage looks to street-inspired styles, Molding Cream is a fiber-rich, emollient cream that creates natural-looking texture. Enriched with moisturizing argan and olive oils, the nourishing and versatile formula can be used as a leave-in shaper for creating gentle structure and definition.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Best Braids for Fall | Hair Style Tips

We usually think of tousled braids as the hairstyle of Summer, but there are plenty of ways to translate this hot hair trend for cooler weather, too. From Selena Gomez to Katy Perry, we break down the top three braided looks for Fall. And here's the best part: these looks can work for any occasion (even a formal event).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Style Your Curly Hair with Ouidad's Botanical Boost Spray

Ouidad demonstrates the different ways of using Botanical Boost Conditioning and Refreshing Spray to style your curly or wavy hair!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Milan Spring 2014: Backstage with Moroccanoil at Blumarine

James Pecis for Moroccanoil created loosely waved, natural-looking hair styles that were romantic yet rock and roll. Unparted hair was pulled off the face, drawn close to the sides, and casually released to flow down the back. "We did looks that emphasized moving, rich, beautiful hair that was glamorous and sexy as well as cool," explained Pecis.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stacey and Megan's Fall Special

Receive a complimentary pumpkin conditioning treatment 

OR brow wax 

with any color or highlight service

Expires 11/30/2013

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Eyebrow Waxing Vs Tweezing

Eyebrow waxing or tweezing, which one do you prefer? Believe it or not, but tweezing is still being done by millions of American women. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, that's the sound we make when we are tweezing our eyebrows. It takes time to pull one hair out at a time and each hair coming out brings with it an ouch. Eyebrow wax on the other hand pulls all the hairs out at once, so you only have one big ouch, well, actually two, one for each eyebrow.

It hurts to be beautiful. How many times did we hear that saying growing up? Well, sorry to say, but yes, sometimes it hurts to be beautiful. Eyebrow shaping is just one of those tasks we do to enhance the features of our face. The pain of eyebrow shaping is well worth it when you see the results in the end. The question is which method do you choose?

There are several methods used to shape our eyebrows. There's eyebrow tweezing, eyebrow waxing, eyebrow threading, laser hair removal and you can even go as far as shaving them off and drawing them in with a pencil. The costs can range from $5 up to hundreds of dollars, depends on the method which you choose and where you choose to have it done. Let's take a look at eyebrow waxing and tweezing which are two of the most popular methods of eyebrow shaping.

Eyebrow wax and tweezing can both be done at home, a salon or at a spa. Waxing can be done in a matter of seconds. Hot wax is applied to the hair to be removed, then covered with a piece of cloth and removed in one swift motion pulling out all of the hair with it. With tweezing, one hair is pulled out at a time until the desired shape is achieved which can be very time consuming and painful. While waxing isn't pain free, the sting from pulling your hair out is quick and only lasts a second or two. For the best results, all waxing should be left to the pros.

You can achieve great looking eyebrows with whatever method you pick. Waxing eyebrows however is quickly becoming the choice of many women, and men because of the convenience and inexpensive cost. Brow waxing is a great way to enhance your facial features and help you put your best face forward.

Zenobia Rivera is The Eyebrow Lady of Denver. Her specialized training in New York City has equipped her with the talent and skill needed to give you the perfect eyebrows for your face. For the ultimate in Denver eyebrow waxing and threading, pay Zenobia a visit.
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

How To Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a problem for women, especially those with curly hair who live in warm or humid climates. Before you even leave your home, your beautiful hair style can start to fall apart and make you look disheveled. You can wear your hair in a ponytail, but the situation can bring down your confidence and spoil your style.

Besides humidity, there are many causes for frizzy hair, the main one being that your hair lacks moisture. It's very important to use a cream conditioner after shampooing so that your hair can retain moisture. Keep in mind that excessive use of shampoo is bad for your hair because it causes your hair to lose its natural oils. For best results, wash your hair twice weekly.

Applying excessive heat with a flat iron or blow dryer everyday can add to the problem. The frequent use of hair dryers can not only make your hair look brittle, but can cause split ends as well. Styling your hair twice a week with the help of a heat protecting product is sufficient to reduce the frizz, keep you looking your best and lock in moisture.

Another cause of frizz is using chemicals or a lot of products to color, treat or manage your hair. While using these products may make you feel or look better temporarily, they tend to damage in the long run. Therefore, you should try to cut back on the use of styling products and talk to your colorist about how often he or she recommends doing color treatments so that you damage your hair as little as possible. A monthly deep conditioning can also help to reduce frizz for color treated hair and a small amount of gel can help control damaged hair.

Another method of getting rid of frizzy hair is to stop using a hairbrush. Using a wide-tooth comb is a better option because it does not break the strands, cause split ends or cause frizz. One of the best ways to detangle your locks is to run your fingers through them gently while in the shower and then pat dry with a towel as opposed to rubbing dry.

No matter where we live or how well we take care of ourselves, we all have to deal with frizz from time to time, but that doesn't mean that we should let it take over our day. This is a problem that can be remedied with a bit of patience and care. We hope that our suggestions will help you out. Good luck.

Get professional advice or take classes so that you can learn how to manage your hair and makeup.
If you want to learn to style hair or [] want to be a beautician you can take classes for personal use or professional reasons.
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Healthy Hair Habits: Deep Conditioners

The use of deep conditioners should be a part of any healthy hair care regimen. You may ask: Why are they so important? It's hard to imagine that anyone would wash their hair without using a rinse out conditioner, unless the shampoo had a conditioner in it. With all the stress that we place on our hair, it's even harder to imagine not using a deep conditioner from time to time.

Before you ask yourself the following questions, you need to know why it's important to deep condition your hair. First, a good deep conditioner will hydrate dry hair by penetrating the hair shaft to restore moisture and to prevent breakage. Second, it can help to alleviate the daily damage we inflict upon our hair by the use of excessive heat and chemical treatments, etc. Third, they are treatments and usually are required to remain in the hair for 15-30 minutes.

Asking yourself the following questions about deep conditioners will guide you in the right direction.

1. How often should I deep condition my hair?

Opinions vary on how often you should deep condition your hair. A good rule of thumb to use is to determine how often you use heat, what elements your hair is exposed to on a regular basis, product use, and hair type. Some suggest once a month is sufficient even with dry, damaged hair. Others suggest at least twice a month. According to the literature that is out there, it's not really necessary to deep condition more than a couple of times a month.

(Note: For the best results,use a heating cap or sit under a hooded dryer with a plastic baggy. This helps to open the cuticle layer and penetrate the hair shaft.)

2. What type of deep conditioner is best for my hair type?

There are different types of deep conditioners for different hair types. There are those that are infused with essential oils and herbs, others with keratin proteins, silk and wheat proteins. You should determine right away if your hair needs a moisture-based conditioner or a protein-based conditioner. Different sources suggest that if your hair is dry and it snaps and breaks easily, you should use a moisturizing conditioner. If your hair is fine, and stretches then snaps, a conditioner with protein should be used.

(Note: Some people go with plant-based proteins opposed to animal-based proteins. More research is needed in order to determine which protein-based conditioners are best. It's possible that it's a matter of preference, but surely some will argue that one is better than the other and can provide justification for their claims.)

3. Can I use a regular rinse out conditioner as a deep conditioning treatment?

Some sources say that it's OK to use a regular rinse out conditioner as a deep conditioning treatment. This is the point where you will have to be investigators and read the ingredients list to distinguish which ingredients are similar and which are different in rinse outs and deep conditioners. Some say that rinse out conditioners only coat the top layer of the hair strand and doesn't contain ingredients that penetrate the hair shaft. Typically a conditioner that is for deep conditioning will let you know.

Kenya L. Holmes is the Creator/Founder of The Kink; a natural hair care and natural living website & blog. For more information, go to,
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

5 Reasons Why 2013 Is an Incredible Year for High Fashion Hair Style

Anyone who has spent time flipping through fashion magazines or had the opportunity to attend some of the top fashion shows in New York and Europe has noticed that hair styles seem to be getting as much attention as the clothing. Five styles really stand out.

Keep it Short

The days when women needed to have flowing locks in order to be considered feminine and sexy have passed by. Really short, pixie style haircuts for women have made a comeback. In addition to making eyes look larger, necks more graceful, and cheekbones appear even higher. The great thing about pixie cuts being trendy is the amount of care they require. All it takes to keep these cuts looking great will be a bit of gel and some finger combing. The only women who can't rock a pixie style haircut will be the ones with round or long faces.

Tied Up in a Knot

It looks like 2013 will be the year of the knot. More and more women on the fashion runways have taken to pulling their hair back from their face and securing it into a tight knot or bun. It's a dramatic look that draws attention to the eyes, jawline, and neck. The trick to creating the perfect knot will be using a fine-toothed comb to pull the hair from the face, securing the knot tightly, and using a liberal amount of ultra-hold hair spray. Once a technique for creating the knot has been perfected, women can dress up the look with a bedazzled comb, decorative bobby pins, or even a short, flowing scarf.

Make Some Waves

Every girl and woman has spent time cursing the heat and humidity that causes their hair to frizz. Luckily, 2013 has brought about the perfect solution... waves. All it takes to get the tresses back under control will be a curling iron with a large barrel which can be used to quickly add some wave and bounce to the ends of long hair. After curling the ends into loose waves and adding a quick spritz of flexible hair spray, the style will perfectly mirror the casual look seen in the beach wear section of fashion magazines.

The Side Braid

Celebrities with long hair have fallen in love with side braids. The style keeps hair calm during breezy red carpet appearances, can be achieved quickly, looks great with all face shapes, and creates a romantic appearance. Simply pull the hair over one shoulder, divide it into three sections, and twist it into a loose braid. A curling iron can be used to add some bounce to the end of the braid. Women who are prone to flyways will want to lightly use a flexible hairspray to keep the wisps under control.

Go a Little Retro

Just because a girl has long hair, it doesn't mean she doesn't occasionally want to try something a little different. By taking the ends of her hair and pinning them up close to her skull, she can create a faux bob that both accents her jaw line and draws attention to her mouth. The faux bob looks like a less severe version of the bob that women in '20s favored. Many celebrities have gone a little retro and selected the faux bob for red carpet events and award shows.

The great thing about all five styles is that the flatter most facial shapes and can be achieved without having to make a trip to the nearest salon. Each of these styles will work for a day at the office, or when out on a hot date.

For more information on Salon Invi please visit:
About Author: Top rated Boston area hair and make-up salon, Salon Invi located in Andover, MA offers ultra-modern, stylish and professional hair stylists. Voted top North Shore hair beauty salon. Call 978-378-3333 to make appointment.
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

NYFW Spring 2014: Backstage with Moroccanoil at Rachel Zoe

For The Rachel Zoe Collection for Spring/Summer 2014, runway stylist Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil Artistic Director, created soft textured, ethereal hair looks that were inspired by windswept safari days and subtle tribal details.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Dull Hair? Here's What You're Doing Wrong

It's so easy to fall victim to hair dullness in the cooler months after a Summer of shine. But if you still want envy-inducing shine even after the leaves start to change, there may be a few steps you're missing from your hair routine. We're spilling our tips and tricks so you can have a season full of shine.

Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Go Brunette | Hair Coloring Tips

Going brunette (or darker, at least) is synonymous with the Fall season. But before you venture over to the dark side, there are a few things to keep in mind. "If your hair is damaged, going dark won't make it healthier. It will just make it darker," explains celebrity colorist George Papanikolas, who has worked with brunette beauties such as Miranda Kerr, Mila Kunis, and Sofia Vergara. So how can you keep your hair healthy and achieve the right shade of brunette for your skin tone? Papanikolas schools us during our visit, where he transformed one client's hair right before our eyes.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Classic and Teasing Brushes

After two years of development and performance-testing on A-list celebrity clientele and on the runway, the results are proven on all hair types. Handmade using premium materials to provide the ultimate experience in hair care, these 100% natural boar bristles promote healthy, shiny, manageable hair. They provide nourishment by stimulating and massaging the scalp and spreading hair's natural oils down the shaft. With repeated use, hair becomes softer, more manageable and healthier.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New York Fashion Week Spring 2014: Backstage with Moroccanoil at Badgley Mischka

Runway stylist Peter Gray for Moroccanoil, inspired by photographer Jacque Henri Lartigue and this season's collection, created unique 20's and 30's nuanced looks with a clear modern vision. The elegant styles highlight smoother, softer waves, flattering textured hair rolls across the nape of the neck, and a sophisticated contrast of glossy (top and side waves) and dry/semi-matte textures (on the hair rolls).

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3 Easy Hair Style Trends From New York Fashion Week

The major theme of most of the hair for Spring 2014 at New York Fashion Week? Low-maintenance styling. How else could you describe the headbands, low ponytails, and just-throw-some-product-in-it wet hair that we saw coming down the runways? In today's Beauty Review, we're breaking down these three trends and telling you how to wear them once Spring rolls around.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Eyebrow Shaping: Why Every Brow Can Be Improved

Eyebrow shaping is one of the techniques that we use to highlight our features. Used correctly, the eyebrow can be shaped to enhance our facial features and help create unforgettable beauty. Done incorrectly, or not at all, the eyebrow can become a distraction that takes away from our other features.

Eyebrow shaping is done at most hair salons, spas and specialty salons that specialize in hair removal. Technicians are well trained to remove unwanted hair and give your eyebrows a flattering shape.
Eyebrow shaping is meant to enhance your existing features. The shape should be tailored to your face and highlight your features. If your face is round, then your eyebrow should have more of an arch to it. If your face is long, then you want to stay away from an arch. An arch in your eyebrow will pull the eye up to the brow making your face appear longer. If your face is square, then the eyebrow should be a bit thicker with a slight arch.

How is eyebrow shaping done? There are several options to have your eyebrows groomed to perfection. The most common is tweezing, or plucking. This method can be very painful and takes time to do. You can either choose to do this yourself or have it done by a professional at a salon.

Eyebrow waxing is the quickest and easiest way to remove unwanted hair and shape your eyebrows. Eyebrow waxing is less painful than tweezing. There is minimal pain because the hair is removed at once. Hot wax is placed on the hair to be removed, and pulled off with one quick movement.

One of the most unique techniques for eyebrow grooming is called "eyebrow threading". This is an old ancient Indian method where cotton thread is wrapped around the brows and moved up and down to remove the hair. Eyebrow threading offers a precise and cleaner line. Eyebrow threading should only be done by the professionals.

Whether you are choosing tweezing, threading or eyebrow waxing, you will need to maintain proper grooming of your eyebrows. You will usually need to have them done every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking good. So if you're looking for a new look or you want to freshen up your appearance and highlight your facial features, check into eyebrow grooming with an expert. For the best results, visit a professional to find the perfect shape for your eyebrows to highlight your particular facial features.

Zenobia Rivera is The Eyebrow Lady of Denver, and specializes in hair removal, natural ingredient facials, and eyebrow shaping. For eyebrow waxing in Denver, be sure to come in for a consultation and appointment.
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brow Waxing FAQs

Can Men Get Their Eyebrows Waxed?

Brow waxing just isn't for women these days. Women aren't the only ones who care about how they look and how they present themselves. More and more men are turning to brow waxing to help shape their eyebrows and to enhance their facial features.

Is Brow Waxing as Painful as Tweezing?

There is a little bit of pain with brow waxing. However, it is just a split second of pain when the hairs are pulled out. Tweezing is more painful because it is a much slower process and 1 hair is pulled out at a time. With waxing, all the hair is pulled out at one time.

How Does Eyebrow Waxing Work?

The eyebrows are first brushed, and then hot wax is placed onto the hair that is to be removed. A thin cloth material is placed onto the wax and pressed down. The cloth is removed with a swift movement and the hair is pulled out at the root. There may be some additional tweezing necessary to remove any stray leftover hairs. Trimming the remaining brow with scissors may also be necessary.

Where Can I Get My Eyebrows Waxed?

You can get your eyebrows groomed at your hair salon, spa or a specialty spa that specializes in hair removal.

How Much Does Brow Waxing Cost?

Pricing for waxing varies by location. An average price for getting your eyebrows waxed starts around $5 and can run up to $50. Higher priced salons and specialty spas can sometimes run a bit pricy. Location is also a factor. If you are living in LA or NYC, you will pay more than if you are living in Oklahoma.

What is The Difference between Brow Waxing & Eyebrow Threading?

Brow waxing is done by using hot wax to remove the unwanted hair and shape the eyebrow. Eyebrow threading is done using 2 strands of cotton thread. The thread is twisted together and runs across the eyebrow one row of hair at a time. As the threads pass over the hair it gets entwined in the threads and is removed as the thread moves across it. This process is done until the desired shape is achieved.

How Often do I Need to Have my Brows Waxed?

Most often brow waxing is needed to be repeated between 2-4 weeks. It all depends on how quickly your hair grows in, how dark it is, and how dedicated you are to looking your best.

Zenobia Rivera is The Eyebrow Lady of Denver. Her specialized training in New York City has equipped her with the talent and skill needed to give you the perfect eyebrows for your face. For the ultimate in Denver eyebrow waxing and threading, pay Zenobia a visit.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Want a New Hair Color? Questions to Consider

There is nothing better than the feeling of walking out of a hair salon knowing that you look and feel you best. Changing your hair color is a great way to give yourself a new and updated look. However, there are still many people who prefer to color their own hair at home. While this saves money, there is a greater risk involved. After all, you are not a professional hair stylist.

Therefore, before you make your decision about a new color and how you are going to do it, consider the following questions:

Q: Do I do it myself or go to a hair salon?

Your decision to do the color yourself or get it done at a hair salon can have a large impact on the outcome. There is a certain amount of risk involved with doing it yourself. And, nothing is more relaxing than sitting back and letting a colorist give you a great new look.

There is no risk involved going to a salon to get your hair done. When a stylist colors your hair you will avoid a potential hair disaster.

Q: How much do I want to pay?

With so many hair color and highlight products available, many people are tempted to do it themselves. Yes, it comes at a considerably lower price, but you often get what you pay for. If you do decide to do it yourself, pay close attention to the details provide on the hair color box.

Q: Will color damage my hair?

When people color their own hair they often do damage it because they do not have the knowledge to do it properly. Many people apply too much hair color, leave it on too long, or apply it too often. Professional hair colorist's will not damage your hair.

Q: Will my color be even if I do it myself?

That depends. Have you done it before and achieve reasonable results? The truth is you won't know until you are done. However, if you go to a stylist, they will definitely color your hair evenly. Uneven color not only looks bad, but it will require the attention of a hair stylist to fix it properly. Don't risk the embarrassment.

Q: Can I match the color I want?

This is tough to do for amateurs, especially if you already have color in your hair. When you have color in your hair, it is more difficult to predict the outcome. And, home color kits fail to provide you with the results you see on the box. On the other hand, hair colorist's know what colors to mix to achieve the exact hair color you want.

Q: Will my new hair color look good?

Hair stylists will make recommendations. They know what hair colors look good on certain types of people. If you do it yourself, your hair might not look as good as you anticipated. Hair colorist's have experience will all hair style and colors. They know what will work and what wont.

While it is more cost-effective to color your own hair, it is also a risk. Don't risk ruining your hair by doing your own color. Get your color done by a professional hair stylist. Some things are just better left to the professionals.

For more great information on Hair Color, visit
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Friday, September 6, 2013

Backstage with Moroccanoil During Fashion Week

Backstage with Moroccanoil at Fashion Week during the autumn / winter 2013 shows. Stay tuned as we get ready for the upcoming season.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Braids: Hair Trend for Fall/Winter 2013-14 | FashionTV

Braids | Hair Trend for Fall/Winter 2013-14

FashionTV captures the growing trend of the braid seen all over the runways at some of the hottest shows for Fall/Winter 2013-14. "The hairstyle this season is a soft braid made with a very organic touch. We leave the flyaways," says Luigi Murenu. These French braids are seen split down the middle and pinned up in the back or the classic one straight down the back of the head, which is done more tightly.

Appearances: Luigi Murenu, Zuzanna Bijoch, Lindsey Wixson, Sam McKnight, Aymeline Valade, Marie Piovesan, Cara Delevingne

Saturday, August 31, 2013

NEW Biotin Lightweight Reparative Hair Serum

Morgan demonstrates how-to use the New Salon Series by Ouidad Biotin Lightweight Reparative Hair Serum, a potent, water-based leave-in serum infused with Biotin & a rich vitamin cocktail that strengthens hair strands & prevents breakage.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Anti-Aging Hair Products to Start Using Now | Hair Style Tips

Believe it or not, the time to start thinking about anti-aging products for your hair is right now, not when you start to see gray hairs. We're breaking down three products to pick up so you can stop the clock.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moroccanoil Tutorial: How to Get Big Volume

Watch as Moroccanoil employee Amy shows shows how to create volume using the Moroccanoil Volume collection.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Best Hair Serum For Dull, Dry Hair | Hair Style Tips

If your hair leaves something to be desired, then a hair oil serum may be the secret to reviving your strands. The oil adds in lost moisture, smoothing the hair cuticle in the process, while the serum protects your hair from natural elements (the sun) and manmade elements (your hair dryer). Plus, even fine, thin hair can benefit from a hair oil serum.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Celebrity Ombre Hair Inspiration | Hair Style Tips

In a world where beauty trends come and go, ombré is one style that has withstood the test of time. Spotted on celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Shay Mitchell, this hair color look remains popular because it — when done right — can add gorgeous dimension to your hair and enhance your coloring. And since everyone can use a little inspiration before hitting the salon for color, we're showcasing some of our favorite celebrity ombré styles, along with a few tips to take with you.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Kristen Stewart and More Stars Get the Undercut Hairstyle | Hair Trends

The undercut is not a new trend. In fact, it's a revival: versions of it date back to the Edwardian era, as well as the jazz age of the '20s and '30s. The shaven style continuously evolved, shooting back to popularity during the glam metal era of the '80s, and now is prominent in modern-day looks. Because we've seen a slew of celebrities showing off the look as of late, we wanted to explore the less drastic version — the braided faux undercut — sported on the likes of Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, and Cara Delevingne.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

7 Tips for Caring for Oily Hair

Oily hair is commonly seen as the hardest to deal with. People wash their hair to strip it of the oils and grease but this actually makes the situation worse. It encourages the hair to produce more oils. Those who use conditioners, especially leave-in ones, will also find that their hair looks greasier over a shorter period of time. However, looking for ways to care for the hair isn't impossible. Here are seven tips to help improve the look of your hair and stop looking like a chip pan!

Wash Your Hair Every Other Day

As mentioned, washing your hair every day may make you feel like you're taking out all the grease but it encourages the scalp to produce more oils. Limit your hair washing to every other day. Some people, such as Jessica Simpson, limit their hair washing to once or twice a month and rinse it on a regular basis.

Avoid 2-in-1 Shampoos and Conditioners

A 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner may save time but it makes your hair worse. While trying to strip your hair of the oils, grease and dirt, it is trying to add more oil in. It simply doesn't give your hair the wash it deserves, let alone helping to deal with greasy hair. Opt for separate products. They may cost more and take up more time but they are worth it for sleek-looking hair.

Avoid Conditioning the Roots

If you need to use conditioner, keep it away from the roots as much as possible. If your roots do cause a problem, place the bulk of the conditioner at the tips and then lightly run your fingers through your roots. Use as little conditioner as possible as your scalp will already produce the oils that the hair needs.

Find Products Specifically for Your Hair Type

Products that are designed for oily hair are better. They have been specifically made for those with excess oils and help to add fewer oils back into the hair when conditioning. This can take time to find as you choose the different products. Invest in the small, travel sized options while you try to find something that helps with your oil production.

Watch Out for Your Styling Products

If you use styling products, look for those that are water-based. Anything that is creamy will just add more oil to your hair and makes greasy-looking hair worse. Read the ingredients-there are some specifically designed for oily hair.

Avoid Over-brushing Your Hair

Brushing too much spreads the natural oils into your hair more and makes it look worse. Brush your hair enough to make it neat but no more than that. Avoid brushing your hair when wet as this damages it.

Stop Playing With Your Hair

Your hands develop oils naturally too. When you play with your hair, you add the oil from your hands into your hair, making it worse. Avoid playing and twirling your hair; it's an annoying habit for people to watch anyway!

Get more hairstyle ideas and hair care best practices on, your brand new Fashion and Lifestyle magazine!
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Moroccanoil Root Boost

For the ultimate full-bodied hair, Root Boost is designed to deliver lift and movement by prepping the roots with a strong texturized foundation prior to styling with heat. High-performance, nourishing formula instantly amplifies volume at the roots and thickens each strand to provide texture and shape, allowing for volume that never falls flat.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Knotty Girls: Kristine Sagan

Kristine became a hairstylist in 1998 and since then has been able to share all of the milestones of life with her clients. From baby's first haircut to prom and wedding day. She feels blessed to share in her client's joys in life. Kristine loves giving someone extensions who may never be able to grow long hair or teaching someone how beautiful their curl could be. She feels that whether you are looking for a huge transformation or simply want to learn how to perfect your style, changing your hair can be life changing. She believes that your hair should be the best thing you wear!
In 2003 Kristine became part of the Art Team with TIGI. She has received the best training in the industry. She has experience teaching in some of the best salons in the Bay Area. Kristine hopes to share her knowledge with you and she is thankful to all of her clients for allowing her to be part of their lives.
"What can you touch but not hold?" ...the life of a client.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

3 Ways to Style a Lob

So you jumped on the lob bandwagon — and you look great! — but you're wondering what else this lob has to offer. Well, we're here to tell you that there are options when it comes to styling a long bob. Try waves, a braid, or even an updo! Celebrity hairstylist Ryan Crupi showed us the tricks to updating your lob look. Plus, watch as our lob candidate loses eight inches of hair and gets the transformation of her life.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Knotty Girls: Jolene Ortega

Jolene has been in the beauty industry for 20+ years and she loves it! She started her career in the Bay Area, spent a few years on the East Coast, then settled down in Solano County.
"This businesss allows me to meet so many great people and to be creative. Also, my clients are very important to me. I appreciate all of you very much!"
There is always something new and exciting to learn. Jolene keeps up with ongoing training and has attend many classes throught the years. Recently Knotty Hair Salon hosted a Joico Advanced Color & Cutting Class, which she attended along with recently becoming certified for the Brazillian Blowout. She loves doing haircuts, color, highlights, updoes, texture services and brow beautification.
She has also attended classes for Paul Mitchell Color, TIGI, Crew, Aquage advanced cutting classes, Make-up Institute, Goldwell, Satin Smooth waxing and Matrix.
"I just want you to feel great and be happy when you leave the, come have a great experience here and I can't wait to meet you."

Monday, July 29, 2013

3 Hairstyles For When You're Growing Out Your Bangs | Hair Style Tips

We know: those bangs seemed like such a good idea in April. But now that Summer is in full swing and they're starting to grow out, you might be seriously regretting your decision. But there are plenty of styles to make the growing-out process incredibly painless. On Maria: H&M blouse.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Knotty Girls: Jaclyn O'Niel

Jaclyn J. O'Neil (Jack'e O) began a love of hair as a young girl and while still in High School enrolled in Cosmetology School, and began working in a salon before graduating high school. In February of 2009, she began her search for a new salon and came across Knotty Hair and has been happy from the start.

Jaclyn has taken every opportunity to continue her education on hair and skin care and looks forward to giving all of her clients a wonderful experience. She loves to see her clients leave the salon confident and happy with their hair.

Jaclyn specializes in:

  • Curly hair of all types (Ouidad certified)
  • Colorist
  • Ethnic hair
  • Make-up for all skin types
  • Micro weaves extensions

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tips For Dyeing Hair Blonde | Hair Style Tips

When going blonde, celebrities have the luxury of seeing expert colorist Tracey Cunningham, who lightens the strands of women like Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore and Lily Aldridge — and she knows how to make the color look natural on anyone. She gives us tips on the best ways to lighten up, no matter if you're a brunette, redhead, or natural blonde. On Kirbie: Rachel Pally dress.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Knotty Girls: Hilda Quevedo

Hilda has been in the beauty business for more than 11 years. She has attended numerous hair shows and classes to keep her updated so that she can accomplish all her customers needs. Hilda feels the most important thing is making her clients feel like a friend. She wants them to feel good and confident so that when they leave the salon they leave happy with a smile.

Hilda started working in Napa, then moved to the Bay Area and is now living in Solano County in the beautiful city of Suisun. At Knotty Hair she has learned a lot about the trends for each new season. She loves cutting, coloring and styling  for all types of hair. She has experience with numerous product brands, such as Moroccanoil, Enjoy, TIGI, Paul Mitchell, Goldwell, Joico, Pureology, just to name a few.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Get Victoria's Secret Waves at Home | Hair Tutorial

The voluminous waves of Victoria's Secret Angels are an iconic and universally flattering style, and we're showing you how to master the sexy look at home with tips from the man behind the gorgeous style, Orlando Pita. Learn his tricks to getting those bountiful, effortless waves with just a flick of a curling iron, and behold the power of his "S" curl. On Kirbie: Bebe dress.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Knotty Girls: Megan Soto

Megan has been in the industry for 7 years, starting her career in Sacramento. She is a certified colorist with Redken products. Megan continues her education by attending various classes and seminars, including Enjoy and Scruples.

Megan's true passion is the art of make-up and hair color where she specializes in make-up, color, corrective color and special occasion updos.

"I look forward to hearing from you soon!"

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bold Hair Colors the New Trend in 2013

While some individuals see bold hair colors as a means of attracting unwanted attention, it seems that there is a fairly wide group of fashion friendly consumers that will be rocking these bold colors in 2013. In light of this, it is appropriate to state that hair colors and hair color trends are a huge part of overall fashion culture. The following will inform individuals of the most popular hair color trends in 2013.

The Ombre Look
The ombre look, as defined by stylists, is most seen on people with longer hairstyles and involves a two-toned color trend. Specifically, the ombre look is achieved when the top of the head is a darker color and the color slowly fades into a lighter color at the ends. The ombre look is said by some to be ideal for brunettes. However, blondes and other hair colors can certainly flaunt this look as well. In fact, super stars such as Drew Barrymore and Ashlee Simpson have both been known to rock the ombre look.

This year, it seems that pastels have made their way up the ladder to come in as the second new look in 2013. With influences such as pop star Nicki Minaj, or the new drama series, The Hunger Games, bright pastels and subtle bits of color are the new trend for 2013. While some sources say that this look used to only be relevant to the younger age groups, the trend is now being offered to a larger market and is being introduced in most salons. So whether it's a bright pink hair day or a subtle hint of blue or lavender, pastels are just one way that consumers are making a personal statement.

For a stylish new look that can be both hot and saucy, red is the new pink on the trend list. Shades of red, specifically bright reds, have become part of the new, punkish look that many are trying this year. However, while the bright reds may be too much for some, the more subtle and appealing shades of red, such as auburn or titian, have been seen on faces such as Megan Fox and Amanda Bynes. With that said, it appears that almost anyone can stay in style by going red in 2013.

Mix and Match
Although there are many more choices to choose from, the hair color trends presented in 2013 can be mixed and matched if one color is too hard to commit to. As an example, stylists make the argument that the ombre look could be coupled with the bright red colors or even the pastels. Furthermore, stylists suggest that whatever color is chosen can be put with an ombre style and color can be added to either the top or the ends, if preferred. Either way, the idea of mixing and matching hair colors seems to be as acceptable now as matching shorts with tank tops has always been.

At the end of the day, most stylists may not be able to agree on what is in or out. However, when it comes to consumer preferences and ratings, most experts can agree on one thing: that many new colors and styles are acceptable in 2013 that were not even mentioned a few years ago. In short, one could say that almost anything goes this year. Whether it's a mix and matching day, or a bright red fun day with self-expression as the ultimate goal, 2013's hottest hair colors are the boldest and the brightest to date.

Whichever style or color is chosen, the 2013 hair color trend options are like no one has ever seen. In light of this, some consumers may only be convinced when celebrities choose to rock the look first. However, for others, the need for self-expression may do the trick all on its own. Either way, it is safe to say that 2013 brings a whole new level of hair color options to the table.

For more information please visit:
About Author:
Top rated Boston area hair and make-up salon, Salon Invi located in Andover, MA offers ultra-modern, stylish and professional hair stylists. Voted top North Shore hair beauty salon. Call 978-378-3333 to make appointment.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Knotty Girls: Emily Giangrasso

Emily Giangrasso is the owner of Knotty Hair Salon as well as a stylist. She started cutting hair at the age of 7...Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kids, of course. She continued to have a passion for the beauty business in to high school, although you would never know that if you saw her yearbook pictures. She finally attained her cosmetology license in 1996 soon after high school graduation.

Emily is certified with Joico, Tigi, Paul Mitchell, Pureology and Redken. She is also a "Curly Hair Expert" with Ouidad and trained under Yosh. Her goal over the next year is to advance her make-up career and specialize in making brides beautiful.

Emily is in the salon:

Wednesday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Thursday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Friday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm

Drop in sometime and schedule an appointment with her or one of the 8 other talented stylist at Knotty Hair Salon.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Ouidad Teaches Krly Kids the Power of the Curl

It's easy for kids to manage their curls using Krly Kids products by Ouidad. No more crying. No more pain!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Grow Hair Longer

At some point I believe we all want to grow our hair longer - either because we want longer hair for styling, we have suffered some loss or thinning, or we experience slow growth.

One of the first ways to grow longer hair is to make sure your hair is healthy. Healthy hair can withstand a little tension without breaking off or falling out. It bounces back naturally and keeps on growing. Look critically at your care regimen and specific follicles. Examine its ends to see if you have many split ends. Also, pull on your hair just a little to see if there is an elastic quality to it or if it breaks off with just the tiniest of stretch. This can best be done when wet. When you comb wet hair, is usually lengthens just a fraction, then bounces back. This is healthy and normal. If wet hair breaks off, you need a little help to restore its health through topical or vitamin supplements. What you can first do, however is to remove the split ends by cutting off a half inch of your hair. This will give the rest of the follicle shaft a better opportunity to grow.

Vitamins For Better Hair & Scalp Health

To get your hair to grow longer, nutrition and overall health is often the key. Your hair follicles, just like the rest of your body, need to be nourished and supplied with all the vitamins, especially vitamins B and E, which lead to growth. Your intake of amino acids is important because amino acids are the building material for the protein in your hair as well as nails. This protein is also known as keratin. Most amino acids are synthesized in your body without you ever needing to do anything. However, there are ten amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body. You have to get them through your diet. These essential acids are extremely important for overall health as well as the health of your hair. They are gleaned from certain foods rich in 'good fats.' If you are not sure that you are consuming the right types of food, then taking a vitamin supplement is the best solution. Moreover, fish oil is often found to promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

Growing Hair Longer

Hair will grow at its own speed, about a half inch per month on average. In some people, it can grow up to one inch per month. To get the best speed out of your hair growth, there are a few things you can do. One thing that is mostly neglected in addressing the growth of longer hair is consumption of gelatin. Gelatin will keep the outer layer of keratin moist and strong. Keratin is the protein that protects the growing nail from the outside. In hair, the entire hair shaft outside of the scalp is made of keratin. Gelatinous layers around the keratin keep hair from getting brittle and breaking off. By drying hair with a hair dryer, the gelatin will not be able to function as a protective shield because the heat will dry the gelatin and the keratin shafts at the same time.

In Summary

Long and healthy hair is a result of healthy living (or eating in many cases), in which you care for your scalp by having good circulation. This is achieved by daily exercise as well as scalp massages. Eating a healthy diet will provide your hair follicles with all the essentials and supplements they need to grow at an optimal rate. Caring for your hair with good hygiene is essential. Regular restorative treatments and the avoidance of damaging dyes, harsh shampoos, chemicals and heat is the last bastion you need to conquer for having long, healthy hair.

Healthy Hair Plus carries the best-selling hair vitamins for faster growing, healthy hair. Find a complete selection of products for improved hair growth - conditionser, styling aids, follicle stimulators and hair growth shampoo.
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to Condition Curly, Wavy and Kinky Hair

Morgan, creative director and head stylist at Ouidad Salon, gives the basics on how to condition curly, wavy, and kinky hair to add moisture, shine and buoyancy back to the curls.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hotheads Hair Extensions


Hilda, Terresa, Jolene, Jackie, Gina and Emily attended the Kevin Murphy Styling and Hotheads Hair Extensions class. We learned some great styling techniques about the new Kevin Murphy  line we are carrying at Knotty Hair Salon, featuring Hotheads Extensions.

Hotheads has discovered the best way to provide volume, length, highlights and dynamic color easily and without damage or hair loss. Unlike other methods available today, Hotheads offers the most simple, fast, and extraordinary human hair extensions and enhancement solutions in the industry. Read more...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Benefits Of Professional Hair Care

When it comes to hair - especially for women - anything goes in an effort to make us feel beautiful. And often this effort means the pursuit of professional hair care - that service that will keep our hair healthy and looking great. Of course, such service comes at a price - some higher than others - but most find that it is more than worth the expense. Can you cut your hair at home? Yes. Can you color your hair with the use of a product you picked up at your local drugstore? Absolutely. But what you save in avoiding professional hair care you will almost certainly wind up spending down the road to fix damage you have caused.

Professional services are simply part of our lifestyle - a necessary factor in keeping our bodies healthy. Just as we visit doctors for check-ups, dentists for professional cleaning, and ophthalmologists to make sure our glasses or contacts are up-to-date, so must we allow ourselves professional hair care to ensure the health of our hair.

Professional hair care typically requires a trip to a salon where your hair will be washed, conditioned, cut, and styled. Your stylist can assess the health of your hair and determine if you need a deep conditioning treatment and what cut will work best with your particular hair. Developing a long term relationship with a stylist allows you to know what you're getting when you walk in; it also allows the stylist to get to know your hair and subsequently learn what to look for in determining the health of your hair. Trimming the hair allows the hair to grow and keeps it healthy. If you do not trim your hair, the ends become split and your hair becomes dry, broken, and brittle.

When it comes to styling, professional hair care treatment gives you insight into what looks best for your hair and around your face. It is important to seek out a stylist who has experience working with your type of hair; if, for instance, you have naturally curly hair, you want to find someone who is skilled in dealing with your type of hair. A haircut for curly hair is very different than a haircut for straight hair. A little bit of research will go a long way towards ultimately getting what you want.

For those who color their hair, professional hair care is even more important. If done incorrectly, color can damage your hair long term. A professional hair colorist can expertly treat your hair and help you decide what color looks best on your hair and against your face.

Professional hair care may cost you some money; but it will be well worth it in maintaining the health and beauty of your hair.

For easy to understand, in depth information about professional hair care visit our ezGuide 2 Hair Care.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To: Fight Frizzy Hair

Moroccanoil has partnered with NewBeauty Magazine to share summer styling tips and rewarded one one lucky NewBeauty reader a beautiful transformation with Moroccanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero. Watch to see the look he created and to hear tips on how to fight frizz and remain gorgeous during the summer months.

Monday, June 17, 2013

How to Protect Hair Color in Summer | Beauty How To

It's easy to forget about Summer-proofing your hair color, but unprotected strands can take a turn for the worse. Luckily, it only takes a few steps to keep your hair — and your color — looking beautiful all Summer. On Maria: Tibi dress, BaubleBar necklace.

Friday, June 14, 2013

How To: Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection

An innovative heat-protecting agent effectively prevents breakage and split ends. The result: healthy, naturally beautiful hair that withstands extreme heat, with a style that lasts throughout the day.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Protect Your Hair from Chlorine and Saltwater

Everybody into the pool! Or the ocean! But not before you take measures to prevent your hair from getting fried.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

NEW Omega-3 Replenishing Hair Treatment by Ouidad

Morgan demonstrates how-to use the new Omega-3 Replenishing Hair Treatment, a deeply hydrating, washout treatment that rehydrates the hair shaft, restoring & replenishing lost moisture & breathing new life into hair

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Best Bangs to Flatter Your Face Shape

Ever wonder why some bangs look great on one person but not so great on another? The answer may have a lot to do with your face shape. We break down which bang styles look best on which face shapes so you can avoid a future fringe faux pas. On Maria: Mackage vest, Aritzia shirt.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Find the Suitable Hair Color for Summer

Summer is here and it's the best time of the year to go out and have fun under the sun! But before you step out and roam around, it is nice that you look and feel good about yourself and that you are ready to mingle with friends.

One way to feel good is to enhance your crowning glory - your hair. And wearing a hair color design that is suitable for summer season is something that should not slip your mind. And here are some good hair color picks to choose from:

  • Auburn hair color - it is often mistaken with the red as both have common characteristics. Many describes it as a type of hair color that is somewhere between red and brown (but more on red side probably). This type of hair color design is gaining more popularity because of its natural look. Wondering how this type hair looks like? - Checkout Sarah Michelle Gellar's.

  • Dark ash blonde - it is brown and yellow hues combined and is said to be a perfect option for people who cannot pull off ash blonde. Some would describe it as a light brown color with hints of ash blonde. Although this type is a good option for summer, it is not suitable fit for everyone.

  • Dark chocolate brown - is another hair color design option that is suitable for summer. It is fits for most color tones and appears the shiniest of all hair colors. Want to know more about this color type? Well, ask the Glee songstress Lea Michelle - one of the most popular dark brunettes in showbiz.

  • Honey blonde - another good option for summer hairstyle would be the honey blonde. This is considered the most popular as you cannot only use it during summer - you can have it the whole year round! Aside from that, this type will make your hair appear like that of natural blonde. Experts suggest that women who dye their hair with this color need to have light or mousy hair. Still struggling to figure out how does it look like? Think of JLo's.

  • Shades of Ombre - this can also be a good option for you this summer. Experts recommend this for brunettes. To get more ideas about how does it look like, check out these celebs: Drew Barrymore; Lily Aldridge; Nicole Richie.

Useful tip: It is always beneficial to seek an advice from a hair expert before you apply any color on your hair, most especially if it is your first time. Don't let your summer time be spoiled by a hair 'tragedy'. Make it safe!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moroccanoil at Fashion Week Around the Globe -- Fall/Winter 2013

Watch as Internationally Renowned Stylists use Moroccanoil products to create beautiful, fashion-forward styles at Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013! A backstage Fashion Week staple around the globe, Moroccanoil's innovative, performance-driven, easy-to-use formulas are ideal for creating gorgeous, runway-ready looks!

Monday, May 27, 2013

How To: Glamorous Hollywood Waves

Watch to learn how Moroccanoil Educator, Violet Sainsbury, created the ultra glamorous Hollywood waves. Created in partnership with InStyle Australia, Violet teaches you how to create this red-carpet worthy look featuring Moroccanoil® Treatment, Moroccanoil Frizz Control, Moroccanoil Round Brush, Luminous Hairspray Strong, and Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Desperate Curls, Desperate Measures

Your beautiful curls won't reveal themselves on just a wing and a prayer! Or even, with a couple of wet kisses or some fruity olive oil—trust us on this. (and take a look at the video to see what we mean!)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To: Beach Waves

Watch as Moroccanoil Artistic Director, Antonio Corral Calero, teaches you how to create the perfect beachy waves.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Want Great Hair? Pro Haircare Tips You Can Use at Home Part 4 (of 7) - Brushing


Using a ball-tipped bristle brush can promote healthy hair growth. It must be a brush with soft plastic knobs on the ends of the bristles to keep from scratching your scalp.
DENMAN brands, which you can order online, are recommended by leading hairdressers.
  • Brush your hair before shampooing (while it's still dry).
  • Remove the dust and dirt of the day from your hair with a good brushing.
  • Brushing stimulates the natural oil production of your scalp and distributes the oils along the hair strands.
There are five types of brush, each for a specific purpose.
Many people keep their old favorite brush and use it for all types of hair styling jobs and then wonder why their hair doesn't look as good everyday as it does after a visit to the stylist.
To help you choose the best brushes for your styling needs, first let's discuss what each of the brush types are really for:

Vent Brushes...

The open vents allow air flow. It's used to create root lift and volume for your hair and to give some direction and movement like flicking out the ends of your hair.

If your hair tends to be a little flyaway or static this is not the styling brush for you as it's the simplest brush to use but gives only the simplest effects. It's not far removed from using your fingers to dry your hair. It is a great brush for easing out tangles on medium to thick hair and men's or children's short simple styles or to give a little more height and lift to a style that you might normally dry with your fingers.

Styler or the "Denman"...

Denman is a brand name for a type of brush with no vents and a solid cushion backing. The bristles are on one side only and form a slight half circle. They are best used on bob shape cuts and mid length hair to smooth and straighten the lengths and ends of the hair. Like the vent brush, they are easy to use, but if you can't get the smoothness you want form this type of brush it is because it cannot provide enough tension. For that you will need to use a large round bristle brush.

Cushion Brushes...

These have a soft cushion base with bristles on one side, often slightly curved and are used to smooth, without lift or volume on short to medium hair lengths that aren't too thick or dense. They are very simple to use and are popular with men to create neat smooth shapes without lift.

Round Brushes...

The name round brush describes it but the most important thing to realize is that it's not just for creating curl. The more open bristle type is used for achieving maximum height and lift.

The densely packed real bristle round brush is great for smoothing and straightening your hair with the tension needed for hair that is naturally wavy or curly.

The size of the brush you need depends on the length of your hair and the effect you want. Your hair needs to be long enough to rap around the brush once.

As a general guide:
  • For short hair (up to 6 inches) the center barrel of the brush should be 1 inch or less in diameter.
  • For mid length hair ( 6 - 8 inches) the center barrel of the brush should be 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • For long hair ( 8 inches or more) the center barrel of the brush should be 2 inches or more in diameter.
To get it right with a round brush:
  • You need to practice. Think of it as a workout for your arms!
  • Use sectioning clips, so that you can work with only a small piece of hair at a time.
  • Angle the air from your dryer, so that it flows from roots to ends, (not across or back towards your head, which is good only for making your hair frizzy).
  • Ask your hairdresser to give you a demo on how to do it then ask them to watch you and correct your technique. They really shouldn't mind teaching you how to keep your hair looking great.
If you have tried a round brush and it failed to straighten your hair effectively there is this great new brush on the market that is easy to use at home. It looks like a pair of tongs with bristles facing towards each other. You simply clasp a section of hair near the scalp between the bristles and then dry your hair as you slide the brush through the hair towards the ends.

Paddle Brushes...

These are larger and flatter than the cushion brush and are known by their size and cushion type base from which the bristles protrude. They're used when you have long or very thick hair to deal with. They are great to smooth naturally straight hair or to finish off after using a round brush to straighten frizzy, wavy or curly hair.

Simply sweep the brush down the length of your hair with a paddle type motion. This way you won't create volume or highly stylized looks with this type of brush.

Thermal Brushes...

Many types of brushes now come in thermal versions. You most commonly find round thermal brushes but they also come as vent or styler types. If time is your concern then a thermal brush could be what you need. They work by using a metal or heat conductive material as the center of the brush; this gets hot using the heat from your hair dryer. As you increase the heat that is drying your hair working not only on the surface of the hair, but internally as well, it dries faster. You can get effects that are like setting your hair on rollers when you get really good with one of these.

Be very careful though, it's easy to scorch your hair if the brush gets too hot! We recommend that if your hair is fine, chemically treated or damaged that you use a good old-fashioned non-thermal brush to avoid overheating damage.

You can also try the new ceramic brushes. Since ceramics retain heat, a brush with a ceramic core can help you dry and style your hair with less heat damage. Previously various metals have been used as the centers for brushes and the plates of flat irons and tongs. It turns out that replacing the metal with ceramics not only does the job better but is less harmful to hair.

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