Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ouidad - Real Girls, Real Curls - New York Fashion Week F/W 2014

Style & Beauty Expert, Ty Alexander (, scouted out the best curls under the tents at New York Fashion Week F/W 2014. Find out their secrets for fabulous curls!

There were so many kinky curls but no loose/classic curls rockin' their natural texture. We challenge YOU fashionistas to let your curls loose next season at Fashion Week!!! :-)

Monday, February 24, 2014

New York Fashion Week F/W 2014- Backstage with Ouidad, The Queen of Curl.

"How can you not love, sexy, gorgeous, playful curls?" Watch Ouidad, The Queen of Curl, backstage at the Tracy Reese Fall/Winter 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Show!

Friday, February 21, 2014

How to Pick the Perfect Shade of Red Hair | Hair How To

There's been a wave of celebrities going red lately — SIenna Miller and Rachel McAdams to name a few — sparking a red frenzy at the salon. While these ladies make it look effortless, we all know it seems a lot harder to pull off red than other shades. But it doesn't have to be!

Tara Carlson, color expert at Byron Salon in Beverly Hills, breaks down what shade of red each of us should strive for, depending on our skin tone, and offers up a easy DIY to keep your red looking vibrant — even after you leave the salon.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New York Fashion Week F/W 2014- Backstage with Ouidad Creative Director Morgan Willhite

Ouidad Creative Director, Morgan Willhite, led the Ouidad styling team as they created a variety of bold, emotional, individualized textured styles exclusively for the Tracy Reese runway. Here is her commentary on the inspiration behind these looks.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

NYFW Fall 2014: Backstage with Moroccanoil at Cushnie et Ochs

For the Fall/Winter 2014 Cushnie et Ochs runway show, Moroccanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero was inspired by the concept of "reflection," emphasizing the rich smoothness of healthy hair, when light radiates off every strand to accent its natural play of light and shadow.

The looks were super smooth, elegant and sophisticated, and they accented a beautifully shaped haircut and vibrant hair color.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Beauty | 5-Minute Heart-Shaped Braid Tutorial For Valentine's Day

We decided to get literal with our romantic updo this year by incorporating an actual heart into a gorgeous half-up braid! While it may look like a work of art, it's actually quite simple to pull off. Celebrity stylist Nicole Leal of Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood — aka a mecca for braids — gives us tips for creating the flirty, bohemian look at home. Your hair will be worthy of Cupid's arrow in five minutes flat! On Kirbie: Nanette Lepore top

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Moroccanoil Tutorial: How to Create a Halo Braid

Learn how to create a halo braid featuring a quick tutorial from Amy.

Start off by washing your hair with your favorite Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner. The Extra Volume Shampoo and Extra Volume Conditioner seen in the video are perfect for fine hair looking for a boost. Next, apply one to two pumps of Moroccanoil Treatment or Moroccanoil Treatment Light to towel dried hair. For added hold, apply Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse from the root to tip then blow dry thoroughly. Follow the steps Amy mentions to create your halo braid and finish the look with a bit of Luminous Hairspray Strong for long-lasting hold without any residue.

Tip: To create more texture, apply Moroccanoil Root Boost throughout the entire length of the hair and blow dry thoroughly.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jared Leto's Hair Evolution! | Beauty Beat

Jared Leto has been giving us hair-spiration since he let his flowing, ombré locks free last year. And all throughout award season, his hair has taken center stage. (Man bun, anyone?) But there's more to Jared than his flawless Fabio hair and youthful glow. In fact, he's taken plenty of hair risks the past two-plus decades, trying everything from multicolored mohawks to cornrows. So which look made you LOL, and which do you hope he'll try again? On Kirbie: Joie top

Monday, February 3, 2014

Keeping Your Hair in the Best Condition Possible

Women love their hair. It's signifies their look, their style to showcase to the World. Your hair says a lot about you, and it's for this very reason that women often strive to keep their own hair in it's best possible condition throughout the year. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when trying to keep your hair healthy, and we'll talk about each of those factors below in a short snapshot to help those struggling with their own bad hair days to avoid them in the future.

Saving a little, can cost a lot in the future

Oftentimes, women will take shortcuts with their hair to save a little money in the short term. The worst offender many women fall prey to is coloring their own hair. In fact, corrective hair coloring is a popular hair salon service offered for this very reason. You know that aisle in the supermarket full of beautifully colored boxes that lure unsuspecting women to purchase and use these cheaply made hair coloring dyes and products. Don't do it!

Hair coloring is best left to professionals at the salon. Those who attempt to color their hair at home often leave it on for too long, resulting in damaged hair follicles and damaging the ends of their hair. Another reason for not coloring your own hair includes choosing the wrong color for your skin tone, thus leaving yourself with a less than desirable outcome. When any of the above happens to your hair, you simply end up spending more than you would if you had just scheduled an appointment with your local hair salon.

The other cost-saving measure that many women make is by purchasing shampoos not worthy of keeping their hair in the best shape possible. The best types of shampoo that you can use on your hair are organic. They possess everything your hair needs, without all the unnecessary chemicals that may or may not potentially introduce carcinogens in your body over time. Over the years, the trend in organic and natural based products has risen dramatically as people realize the benefits of choosing only natural ingredients versus man-made chemicals. When it comes to shampoo, spend high and save in the long run.

So you shower everyday right?

Well, showering isn't always the best thing for your hair. In fact, it's recommended that you do not wash your hair on a daily basis. Washing your hair strips the natural oils in your hair that protect and nourish growth. It is said that the day after washing your hair is when it typically look's its' best. If you must shower everyday consider purchasing a shower cap. They work well to hold the hair out of the water, and you can still wash the rest of your body without getting your hair wet.

If you're going to keep your hair in it's best shape, be sure to take note of the above recommendations. Saving money in the short run may end up costing your hair over time. Always have your hair colored by a professional, and don't attempt to do it on your own unless you absolutely have to. Pay attention to the labels on your shampoo, and if possible, try and shop for natural/organic hair products versus the cheaper chemical induced shampoos commonly sold on store shelves. You'll eventually notice a difference in the way your hair looks, and the compliments are sure to come shortly after. Good luck!

If you're looking to keep your hair in the best possible shape, you need to shop at Aubrey Organics. Aubrey products are 100% natural and safe for your hair, skin and body. With a complete line of shampoos, I recommend shopping at Aubrey for your hair product needs.
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