Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Shampoo Curly, Wavy and Kinky Hair

Morgan, creative director and head stylist at Ouidad Salon, gives the basics on how to shampoo curly, wavy, and kinky hair to cleanse thoroughly while minimizing frizz.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What Is The Right Hair Color For Me?

One of the quickest and easiest ways to change your look or accentuate your natural beauty is by coloring your hair. In just an hour or less, your entire appearance is changed. The key is choosing the right hair color for your eyes. The perfect color will easily make brown eyes sparkle and baby blues stun. Your hair color should always make your eyes pop.
Before coloring your hair, keep two things in mind. Ensure any color you use is appropriate for your skin tone. Going too dark or light for your skin tone can make you appear dull or washed out. Skin tones are categorized as warm, cool and neutral. Warm looks best in warm colors, cool looks best in cool colors and neutral can work almost any color.
Second, be careful with how far you vary from your natural color. If you have dark brown hair and want to go blonde, choose a warmer blonde for best results. Going extreme can cause damage to your hair and may take several colorings for the hair to reach the desired shade. Going from dark to light also takes longer to process and requires much more maintenance.
Hair Color For Brown Eyes
The key to choosing the right hair color for here is to always avoid boring, dull browns. Brown eyes work great with pretty much any shade of brown and even many blonde shades, especially warmer tones. Look for dimensional color to prevent making both the hair and eyes appear lackluster. Darker brown eyes work perfect with darker shades of brown. Adding dirty blonde highlights truly makes brown eyes stand out.
If you want to go even darker, brown eyes look great with black hair. If you have a cool skin tone, black may not work well for you. Try to avoid pure blacks with no shine. Black hair only works for brown eyes when it is shiny.
Hair Color For Blue Eyes
Traditionally, blue-eyed girls are associated with having blonde hair. This doesn't mean that's the only color that looks great on them. Blue eyes paired with cool, fair skin look best with warmer shades of blonde, chestnuts and coppery reds. They also rock cooler shades as well. Adding golden or reddish highlights compliments eyes and skin tone.
The best hair color for blue eyes paired with warm skin tones are beige or ash colors. Darker blondes and browns such as chestnut, blue black and coffee also work well. Blue eyes can even work reds. Add even more color with purple, red or blonde highlights.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why You Should Consult Your Stylist Before Correcting Your Hair Color

Color correction usually implies that the current color that you are stuck with needs to be fixed. Maybe you need a complete makeover that changes your entire look all together. This is why you should consult your stylist before correcting or changing your hair color.

There are two mistakes that people often make when coloring their own hair: 1) not consulting with a color specialist and 2) attempting to fix the problem themselves. Lets say, for example your color came out too blonde. It may seem like an easy fix to apply a light brown or medium blonde over the whole head; however porosity of the hair plays a big role in how the hair absorbs color.

As an example, when the underlying tone of the color you are using is not known, covering it with a new color could change your roots to orange leaving your ends transparent or white. When hair has been colored too dark, trying to lift a dark brown or black out to reach a natural looking color is nearly impossible to do on your own. The color needs to be gently removed first. Then, the porosity of the hair has to be taken into account so that when applying new color the ends match the roots.

There are seven levels of orange and reds that the hair has to go through before achieving a natural result. These are just a couple mishaps that can happen when attempting your own color correction. If in doubt, schedule a consultation with your favorite color specialist for suggestions on what would be the most beneficial process for your hair type.

After correcting your color, you will also need reconstruction treatments to replace moisture to your hair. Anytime hair molecules are switched around there is always damage done. The real damage comes into play when you are lifting dark color out, as mentioned before, there are many levels to get through before you are out of the lovely range of orange. You can buy reconstructing treatments over the counter, but it is better to consult with a stylist. This is because some treatments are protein based which may dry out already dry hair.

Making sure you are receiving the best conditioner that is balanced with moisture and proteins will help your hair heal in no time. Before making a decision to go through with a color correction, make sure you both agree on the cost because it can get very expensive. That way you know what to expect and your stylist can work with you on price and the best color decision for your hair.

After the color correction is achieved and everyone is very happy with the result, maintenance is a must. What I mean is you need to baby your hair for a while. Use high-end products on your hair; something that is color safe and has UV protection. When using a blow dryer or other styling tools, apply a leave-in conditioner before styling. In addition, if your hair is fine, a volumizing cream or gel will provide some protection from excessive heat.

If you have chosen a red color, know that reds fade fast especially if hair is damaged. When rinsing hair, be sure to rinse with very cool water this will help the cuticle lay flat holding in color and keeping the hair shiny. Finally, in order to leave hair looking healthy, add in a light dry oil or anti-frizz serum.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hair Extensions - The Need of the Hour to Keep Pace With Latest Trends for Women

In this fast paced world when you don't have time for anything, growing long hair stays in the dreams of most women. Well women love their hair to be long, beautiful and healthy looking. But long hair is hard to maintain and to take care of in the hectic life you live. The polluting environment and impure air does not help this situation either. Then the best possible remedy - you cut your hair. But what happens to your need of different hairstyles? Surely all women want to look their best at all times and hair is that one essential factor in your looks you cannot replace.

The fashion and the latest trends keep changing constantly and it is very hard to keep up pace with it. But women always need to be in sync with the latest fashion be it hairstyles. But very few hairstyles can actually be achieved with short or medium hair. Moreover long, silky and shiny hair instantly transforms the look of the woman concerned. This was the dilemma faced by countless women till the concept of hair extension came into being. Sporting the latest fashion in terms of your hairstyles has been made easy with the advent of hair extensions.

People say that hair is the crown for a woman therefore most women want their hair to be long but lack of time and care make them cut their stresses. Many women, to try new hairstyles cut their hair and then regret as it takes months to grow back their hair to the previous hair length. In these cases hair extensions come to their rescue as with the help of these extensions they can make their hair look longer in length and shiny. Hair extensions are strands of artificial human hair that women add to their existing hair length to make it look longer in length or to sport a long hairdo. A report says that growing long hair takes 5 to 6 years on average growing up to 1 cm long per month.

Be it any function, from prom, evening dances, and corporate functions to weddings, girls and women want to have the best look in the crowd. They match their dress with the jewelry and their hairstyle is meant to compliment their outfit and looks. Therefore hair extension provides that instant solution to have that desired hairstyle without much ado. Finding an efficient hairstylist to give you hairstyles using these extensions is a must.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Get the Perfect Cut and Color From Your Stylist

Finding the perfect cut and color should be easy. Let's talk about your hair and Peter Anthony team up to share with you our "Top Ten tips for the perfect Color and Cut". How incredible would it be if we were able to show up to a professional, and voila! Magically the perfect hair color or hair cut appeared on our heads. We get not only what we wanted and what actually is the best hair color for our skin tone or the best hair cut for our lifestyle and facial shape. Unfortunately that is not always how it works. What we have placed together are well constructed tips on how you can get any stylist or colorist to give you not only the hair color or cut you need, but what you really want.

One: Be unreasonable about your expectations! Our hair cut and hair color is a personal extension of yourself. Be reasonable with other things, but not this. We have one chance to make a first impression.

Two: Understanding your personal hair type. You need to know your specific hair type and make certain the hairstylist working on you knows these few but important things. Exactly what hair type you have. What your real natural level of color is. Your exact grey percentage and where it is on your head.

Three: Your personal hair growth pattern.

Four: Never dictate what you want the stylist to do. What you need to dictate is that they get to a predetermined outcome, not how and where to cut your hair.

Five: Skin tones and hair coloring. Find the perfect match. Explore color charts with your skin tones and look for best matches.

Six: Lifestyle. Understanding the relationship between your lifestyle and the specific requirements in attaining the "look" of your hair is paramount. Are they congruent? Do you have enough time and commitment to achieve each day?

Seven: How do you want to "feel" after your hair treatment? Smart, sexy, sophisticated or trendy? When was the last time you felt that way and how did your hair look at that specific time? You are paying for an outcome not a hair cut.

Eight: What products are you currently using and why? This will help your stylist determine how to repair damaged hair, achieve a new style and suggest proper salon products.

Nine: Are you willing to be flexible about your hair style? Flexibility is the smartest way to get what you really want in any aspect of your life, especially fashion and hair.

Ten: Are you willing to put in the time? Every style has a trade off. Looking polished and ready will be traded with time put in.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1 Girl, 2 Hairstyles....

One Girl, Two Hairstyles...see how different her day could have been straight vs. curly. Inspired by the movie, Sliding Doors.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Knotty Girls: Kristine Sagan

Kristine became a hairstylist in 1998 and since then has been able to share all of the milestones of life with her clients. From baby's first haircut to prom and wedding day. She feels blessed to share in her client's joys in life. Kristine loves giving someone extensions who may never be able to grow long hair or teaching someone how beautiful their curl could be. She feels that whether you are looking for a huge transformation or simply want to learn how to perfect your style, changing your hair can be life changing. She believes that your hair should be the best thing you wear!

In 2003 Kristine became part of the Art Team with TIGI. She has received the best training in the industry. She has experience teaching in some of the best salons in the Bay Area. Kristine hopes to share her knowledge with you and she is thankful to all of her clients for allowing her to be part of their lives.

"What can you touch but not hold?" ...the life of a client.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Knotted Headband | Back to School Hairstyles

If you know how to do the first step of tying your shoe, you can do this braid! It is created with essentially overlapping square knots. I start with the hair wet, and use a little pomade... when the hair dries, the loops of the knots spread a little and look gorgeous!

This braid is perfect for dancers, cheerleaders, or just wearing around town or with a combo for a dance or formal occasion! It is also great for women of all ages!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Knotty Girls: Jolene Ortega

Jolene has been in the beauty industry for 20+ years and she loves it! She started her career in the Bay Area, spent a few years on the East Coast, then settled down in Solano County.

"This businesss allows me to meet so many great people and to be creative. Also, my clients are very important to me. I appreciate all of you very much!"

There is always something new and exciting to learn. Jolene keeps up with ongoing training and has attend many classes throught the years. Recently Knotty Hair Salon hosted a Joico Advanced Color & Cutting Class, which she attended along with recently becoming certified for the Brazillian Blowout. She loves doing haircuts, color, highlights, updoes, texture services and brow beautification.

She has also attended classes for Paul Mitchell Color, TIGI, Crew, Aquage advanced cutting classes, Make-up Institute, Goldwell, Satin Smooth waxing and Matrix.

"I just want you to feel great and be happy when you leave the, come have a great experience here and I can't wait to meet you." 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Knotty Girls: Jaclyn O'Niel

Jaclyn J. O'Neil (Jack'e O) began a love of hair as a young girl and while still in High School enrolled in Cosmetology School, and began working in a salon before graduating high school. In February of 2009, she began her search for a new salon and came across Knotty Hair and has been happy from the start.

Jaclyn has taken every opportunity to continue her education on hair and skin care and looks forward to giving all of her clients a wonderful experience. She loves to see her clients leave the salon confident and happy with their hair.

Jaclyn specializes in:

  • Curly hair of all types (Ouidad certified)
  • Colorist
  • Ethnic hair
  • Make-up for all skin types
  • Micro weaves extensions