Saturday, December 29, 2018

How to Diagnose and Treat Your Dry + Damaged Hair

Hair expert, Michelle Finlayson shows us how to tell the difference between dry and damaged hair, plus easy at-home treatments to get healthy hair.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Easy High Ponytail Hack | Beauty School | InStyle

Yep, a perky high ponytail can be really simple. After dealing with a few limp ponytails of her own, InStyle beauty editor Dianna Mazzone has finally figured out a hack that'll keep any high ponytail from falling. And all you need is a pack of bobby pins to do it.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

This Is How Often You Need A Haircut Based on Your Style and Texture

By Lexi Novak

"When my ends get so dry that I can't disguise them with hair oil." "When I start getting knots that don't come out, no matter how much conditioner I use." "When I just can't take it anymore." Ask someone when they know it's time for a haircut and these are a sampling of the answers you might receive. Lots of us have heard that we should go every six to eight weeks, but one rule can't possibly apply to all hair textures and lengths. Here's how to know when it's really, truly time for a trim.

If You Have Tight, Coarse Curls
12 weeks

"For curlier or kinkier textures, the general rule of thumb is quarterly haircuts," says hairstylist Anthony Dickey. "That's about the time it takes to get single-strand knots or split ends." If you want to preserve or grow out your length, ask your hairstylist to remove a quarter inch or less at each visit — that will ensure there's always more growth than the amount you're cutting.

If You Have Virgin Hair
12 weeks

Another great thing about being a young person? Their unprocessed hair is basically the healthiest it will ever be. If your hair has never been colored and you haven't yet exposed it to the rigors of frequent hot-tool usage (and you're in your early 20s), you can go up to three months between trims without any risk of looking frayed, says hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins.

If You Have Long Hair That's Wavy Or Straight
8 to 12 weeks

If you treat your long, uniform-length hair like your skin — moisturizing with masks, minimizing heat damage — you can wait 8 to 12 weeks until your next cut. The style doesn't have a specific shape that requires frequent maintenance, and if it's properly cared for your hair shouldn't split or break too quickly.

If You Have Fine Or Medium Curls
8 to 12 weeks

Because many people with curls tend to be vigilant about keeping their hair hydrated, it's usually healthy, says Hawkins. Two or three months is a safe break between cuts. Those with spirals on the finer side should keep the rotation closer to eight weeks, though. Too much length can make thin curls look stringy and stretched.

If You Have Long Layers
6 to 8 weeks

Ironically, this is the only category hairstylists actually suggest for the prevailing six- to eight-week rule. It's long enough to let your hair grow for length and short enough to keep face-framing pieces in place.

If You Have Lots of Different Layers
6 weeks

Week one: Layers have a textured, piecey look. Week four: Layers have a lived-in, sexy-rough look. Week eight: Layers have a wonky and ragged look. Heavily cut styles with lots of layers require six weeks to keep the lengths fresh.

If You Have a Bob Or Lob
6 weeks

"Clean, sharp lines grow out nicely, so geometric or A-line bobs without any nape graduation can go six weeks," says Hawkins. "Those cuts also don't tend to have layers in the crown that will lose their fullness."

If You Have Fine Hair That's Wavy Or Straight
4 to 6 weeks

Fine hair can be a fickle pain in the ass. You can go weeks with it looking pretty damn swell, and then you wake up one morning and it's a sad, limp head of meh. "The challenge with fine hair is the need to constantly reshape it without cutting too much off," says Hawkins, who advises waiting at least four but no more than six weeks to keep it in check.

If You Have Short Hair
4 weeks

Bowl, pixie, disconnected undercut — whatever you've got, growth will start to dilute the style, so it needs a trim every four weeks. That may seem like a big salon commitment, but a monthly appointment is usually easier to schedule and plan for than in-between timing, like six or ten weeks.

If You Have Damaged Hair
4 weeks

The bad news is there's no way to undo damage from chemical processing, coloring, or heat styling. The good news is regular monthly cuts will gradually phase out the busted hair while still allowing enough time for healthy roots to grow in.

If You Have Bangs
2 weeks

If your bangs are more of the side-swept, wispy variety, you can probably stretch out your trims a little longer. But strong, blunt, heavy, straight: If any of these words describe your fringe, a quick pruning every other week will keep the look tight.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Bobby Pins Do's and Don'ts

Michelle Oliver teaches us how to properly pin a bobby pin, and what type of bobby pin is right for our hair.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Jennifer Lopez's Sleek Top Knot Hair Tutorial | InStyle

When your job requirements include shaking your assets on stage for the entire world to admire, it’s important to make sure your hair stays in place. And we're guessing that’s exactly why Jennifer Lopez so often chooses to slick her hair back into a topknot. The star not only rocks the look while dancing, but also on the red carpet, and while seated behind the American Idol judges' table. So how can you replicate the totally versatile bun? InStyle’s special projects editor, Stephanie Samson, asked celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins to take her through the process.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Get the Look: Dressed-Updo

Try this holiday party-ready hairstyle from curl expert stylist Jessica O’Brien. Whether you’re donning sequins or an ugly-on-purpose holiday sweater, this style adds a touch of elegance.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

1 Minute Wavy Wreath Bun

To start celebrating the holidays, here is a fun festive look literally using a glitter wreath in the hair to create the ultimate wavy wreath bun.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Get the Look: Half-Up Curls

Try this holiday party-ready hairstyle from curl expert stylist Jessica O’Brien. This style lets you embrace the best of both worlds: pull your curls off your face (all the better to show off a red glitter lip) while showing off your natural volume and texture.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

100 Years of Hair Styling Tools | Allure

Take a look back at the last hundred years of hair styling tools. From the bulky wave machines of the 1910s and the bobby pins of the 1920s, to the metal hair rollers of the 1950s and the hood dryers of the 1960s, see how hair styling tools evolved over the last century.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Get the Look: Rolled Chignon with Bow

Try this holiday party-ready hairstyle from curl expert stylist Jessica O’Brien. For maximum holiday cheer, put a bow on it – those natural curls of yours are a gift.