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Monday, April 25, 2011

8th Annual Loop The Lagoon

The Knotty Girls will be participating in the 8th Annual Loop the Lagoon 5K which will benefit local public schools. The event is to be held on April 29, 2011. Come on out and cheer them on!!

For more details visit their website.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hair Shampoo - Choosing the Best Shampoo For Your Hair

Hair shampoo seems to be the one hair product we either spend a lot of time thinking about, or little time thinking about. I have friends who swear by their brand and type of shampoo, and I have friends who don't think twice about using a bar of soap.

As president of one of the largest hair products manufacturers and distributors on the web, you can imagine I'm cringing at the thought of using soap to wash my hair. Yep, it's a pretty scary though, but it gets the job done...and generally with little harm.

Having said that, I do not support using bar soap to wash your hair or as a substitute for a well-selected shampoo. Hair shampoo, if chosen wisely, can do wonders for your hair. May products are formulated to either address specific hair problems or types, or to improve manageability and control. Understanding what you are looking for in a hair shampoo is the first "best step" towards finding the best shampoo for you.

What shampoo is best for your hair?

Many people are immediately aware of shampoos that allow their hair to behave and feel good. Sometimes by blind luck we use a product that "just works" for our hairstyle and type. It could be on vacation at a hotel or a friend or relatives house, it could be something you pick-up at the grocery store, or it could be something that's been under the counter for a while you forgot you had. Either way, we periodically find something we love and that works well for our hair.

What makes a hair shampoo best for you? The answer is often related to your hair type. Coarse, thick or dry hair generally requires more moisture that most hair types to maintain control and manageability. Thin or thinning hair styles benefit from products that "plump" or add body. Hair prone to breaking needs strength and styles or types that frizz easily may need shampoo that encourages damage repair.

Hair shampoo can generally be divided into a small group of categories based on their function:

* Moisturizing
* Damage repair
* Strengthening
* Growth
* Frizz and dry hair control
* Oily hair maintenance
* Color maintenance

Many manufacturers have further subdivided these categories and have introduced product lines or sub-lines to target specific active ingredients e.g., tea tree oil, green tea, olive oil, coffee, etc. But generally, addressing your hair type and style combined with pleasing aroma is the best combination.

Hair shampoo that moisturizes is probably the most effective and popular among hair products. The leading cause of damage is fluid depletion from heat damage, chemical treatments or over-styling. Shampoo that uses Emu Oil, Panthenol, or tea tree oil help improve moisture content, moisture retention and provides control to dry, frizzy or fly-away hair.

For faster growing hair, many manufacturers use Trichogen or Minoxidil formulations to stimulate new hair growth and to slow or reverse hair loss. Trichogen is a botanical complex of 14 herbs, minerals and compounds which have been shown to improve blood circulation to the scalp, increase nutrient and vitamin delivery, and enhancing vital nutrients for hair growth. Usually combined with shampoos that deep clean to remove obstacles to hair growth, hair shampoo developed for hair growth can help stimulate growth and improve manageability to thin or thinning hair.

Oily hair presents its own problems. Sebaceous glands located within the follicle pore secrete sebum - hair oil - that works to lubricate and nourish the follicle shaft. Sebaceous glands can become overactive and the result is oily or greasy hair. Though regular or frequent washing will help fight oily hair, regulating the sebaceous gland is the best method for controlling oily hair. Hair shampoo that contains Zinc PCA will not only deep clean, but will regulate oil production - providing cleaner fresher hair.

When considering which hair shampoo is best for your, first consider your hair type and what your objectives may be. Experiment and try different brands - there are many products available that not only smell great but can give you ultimate control and style.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hairstyles for Women Over 40

There does not have to be a big difference when it comes to hairstyles for mature women and the trendy hairstyles that are constantly sweeping the fashion and celebrity world. Although it can be easy to assume that once you reach a certain age, your days of keeping up with the trends are over, this does not have to be true. No matter what age you are you can continue to pull off the trends of the year in a more elegant and graceful way perhaps. There are certain hairstyles which can flatter your age a bit more than others and we are here to describe these for you.

One of the most elegant hairstyles of the fashion world today is the long hair with the waves and curls at the bottom of the hair. This allows your hair to gather at the bottom with elegant curling or lose waves and creates an elegant look for any occasion. This look is simple to obtain, all it takes is a large barrelled curling iron and some textured hairspray to make this look work and stay for the entire day or night. You will see that many actresses over the age of 40 are wearing this look and they look nothing less than stunning!

The short and layered hairstyle is another look that can be incredibly flattering for a woman over the age of 40. By having your hair about a bob's length, with many layers you can achieve the ever so popular straight and elegant look often worn by Katie Holmes as well as the textured look that can create volume as well as definition. The stylish side swept bangs look great with this hairstyle and are easy to maintain. What can take a little bit of time is the texturizing of your hair, whether you are looking for a subtle amount of definition or looking to create the cute and sexy flipped out look. The line of Pantene Pro V Texturizing products is perfect for this hairstyle. The shampoos and styling products make it incredibly simple to texturize your layers appropriately.

There are many misconceptions regarding older women and longer hairstyles, there is nothing wrong with an older woman wearing a longer style as long as it does have style. Growing your hair long just to wear it long and lifeless does literally nothing for you except make you look older than you actually are. By choosing the appropriate hairstyle for yourself you will find that you not only look much younger but you feel younger as well. There is no reason to cut your hair short and wear that traditional perm that older women are constantly resorting to when there are so many different and great styles available today!Hair care can become very important when you reach the age of 40years old or older. Many women hate to admit it but many often experience a little bit of hair loss or thinning and some hairstyles do not compliment this type of hair problem. For thinning hair, layers may not be a great option as it may only make your hair look thinner instead of thicker. No matter what your hair length is, there are a few simple tips you can use in order to make your hair appear thicker so this never becomes a problem you can't handle. All it takes is a simple clip to keep your hair back behind your ears and you have an instantly thick looking head of hair. You no longer have to worry about your age, your thinning hair or the hairstyles of today, there are more tips and techniques available to help you not only cope with these aging experiences but move past them as well.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Keep Your Hair in Good Condition

Gravity and age take a vast excise on our bodies. As the time goes by, the majority of us notice some significant changes like our waists tend to increase a bit, our weight is likely to increase and our skin starts to drop a lot of its suppleness. Even our hair undergoes many changes from the aging process. As we grow old, our bodies go through hormonal changes that lead to thinner hair strands and more gray hair.

A decrease in our oil production has an effect on the skin all over our body and reports for more wrinkles and drier skin. It is also a causative factor to our hair becoming drier over the time. Joined with that is the harm to our hair from too much sun revelation and too much heat from the hair dryers and styling machines.

First and foremost, make a decision about the length of hair that suits you the most. If you are fond of long hair, and you think it appears healthy and attractive then go for it. Age should not be an influential factor as to whether you keep your hair short or long. On the other hand, a good hair cut is important no matter what length your hair has. Many fashion specialists feel that choppy or asymmetrical haircuts are most eye-catching on a greater number of people than rounded haircuts.

Conditioning assists with all hair kinds, but it is particularly helpful for long hair. If you select to keep your hair long then think about deep conditioning treatments once every week. There are creations, purposely designed for this procedure, that are readily available and reasonably-priced at any medical store.

Do not overlook your scalp. It is not significant to just keep your hair strong, but also see to it that your scalp is unsoiled. You must clean it two times in a week, and do not wash every day, or else it will take away the natural shine and moisture from your tresses. Keep in mind that the roots of your hair grow from your scalp. They must be unchained from all the grime and dirt. Use shampoo to clean your scalp rather than using it on your mane. Start shampooing from the scalp and do not just frankly apply it on your hair. As you wash it away, you can see it going down your hair follicles, thus, washing away all the dirt.

Utilize a mild shampoo with modest or no use of detergents or chemicals. These can harm your hair follicles and make your hair follicles really dry, as it will take away the moisture from them. Hair blowers are quite harmful and frequent exposure to hot air will harm your hair follicles. Your hair will not only drop its natural glow but make your hair look lifeless and dull with frequent usage. Hair straightener is a styling artifact, which is used to get your hair straight. You can steer clear of using it frequently. If you really want to use it then learn to take proper care of your hair.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Neal Harrelson - Today Show Hair Makeover

Neal Harrelson gets hair cut makeover by Celebrity Stylist - Nick Arrojo

Does your man need a hair makeover? Send him in to Knotty Hair Salon and we'll transform him in to a new look! Call today to schedule an appointment!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Often Should We Cut Our Hair?

When it comes to physical appearance, hair has always been one of women's best assets. That is why hair care has been a constant obsession for women. Throughout history, many products and techniques have been used for curing hair problems they generally deal with.

No matter what hair color and texture we may have, we generally dream of changing our natural hair attributes by coloring, straightening or curling it. But even though women are so different, they all aspire to the same goal: they all want to have beautiful, shiny and, if possible, long hair locks. And for that, they are willing to do all kinds of sacrifices.

According to one of the most common urban myths, the more you cut it, the faster it will grow. In reality, regular haircuts can't influence the hair growth rate. It will grow about half an inch per month no matter what you do. It's true that it may look healthier if you remove the split ends frequently, but that doesn't mean it grows faster.

It's true that there is no hard rule dictating when it is best for you to pay a visit to your hairdresser. But, if you want to refresh your look, it is advisable to get a trim every month or at least every two months; this way you will keep your hemline neat.

As we are all different, we all need trimming at different time intervals; fine, fragile hair frequently exposed to chemical treatment splits easily and needs constant trimming, whereas natural, thick untreated locks may look great even if you don't trim them so often. Whenever you choose a specific product or hair treatment, take into consideration your own needs.

Both professional hairdressers and dermatologists agree upon a list of factors that influence hair strength and beauty: a balanced diet, sleep, genetic predisposition, general health, a daily multi vitamin intake as well as regular washing with quality products. Use appropriate shampoos and conditioners, don't stress your hair using a flat iron on a daily basis and don't comb it energetically while it's still wet. Protect your hair from extreme temperatures using quality products and embellish it with fancy accessories. Make sure you take good care of your health and ask for professional advice whenever you feel it's necessary.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Hairstyle Trends

Here are some hot hairstyle trends for this year. Check it out and maybe you'll find one that's perfect for you!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Face Shape and Hairstyles - How to Choose the Right Cut For You

Have you ever had a hairstyle that made your face light up? That's what the right haircut can do for you. Because everyone's facial features are different, there aren't any completely hard-and-fast rules for what kinds of hairstyles will work best, but here are some good basic guidelines to choosing a style and cut that flatters and flaunts your natural beauty.

Is your face round?
For round faces, you'll want to minimize volume around your face as much as possible. Some of the most flattering cuts for round faces fall just below your chin. Cuts with soft layers also tend to look nice because they minimize the volume that can make your face look more round. If you want bangs, make sure they are fairly long and swept to the side. Blunt cuts of one length will tend to make your face look more round.

Is your face long?
A long face shape has a few styling challenges. You want to find a style that doesn't drag your face down but also one that doesn't emphasize the length of your face. Too long and your face will look longer. Too short and your face will look long in contrast. Bangs that skim your eye brows and chin length bobs look great because they add width to the face. Curls and waves can also be helpful to add width.

Is your face square?
Square faces have strong jawlines, so your main goal with your hairstyle is to soften and add curves to your hair. You need to add texture to your hair through choppy ends or curls. You can also use sleek styles with layers, as long as the layers start past your chin line. Chin length bobs are not generally the most flattering styles for square faces. You'll also want to avoid bangs that are blunt-cut.

Is your face heart-shaped?
Heart face shapes have wide foreheads and narrow chins. Move the attention from your chin to your eyes and cheekbones by sweeping your bangs to the side. You can also add interest with layers that touch your cheekbones.

Is your face oval?
Those with oval faces are lucky because this allows for the most hairstyle options. Short, long, straight and wavy hairstyles look great on an oval face. You should try a cut that emphasizes your best features. If you want to draw attention to your cheekbones, try an angular bob. If you want to highlight your eyes, consider blunt bangs that end right above your eyebrows.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1956 Lustre-Creme Shampoo Commercial

Wherever you go, whatever you do; Your hair behaves beautifully with Lustre-Creme Shampoo!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ensuring Your Red Hair Color Stays

It is not easy to maintain a red hair color when your hair has been dyed. Unfortunately, it seems to often change into a brassy orange color quite soon after dyeing it unless proper care and attention is given to it. Unlike other hair colors, red does not stick as well to most hair and it washes out much faster than the regular brown or black dyes do.

If you want your red hair color to stick one of the first things you need to do is to prepare your hair well in advance. There are some things you can do to help the dye to attach itself more firmly to the hair shafts. Although it is difficult to tell, most women have quite a build-up of hairsprays and mousse on their hair, leftover from styling. Chlorine is often automatically added to city water supplies as well, and this can also hinder the red hair dye from really taking as it should. If you use a chelating shampoo and conditioner, it should strip your hair of all of these unwanted ingredients and leave your hair in tip top shape, ready to dye.

Once you have dyed your hair, there are some simple steps to take that will also help to keep it from fading quickly. One of the first things you should invest in after dyeing your hair is a red color enhancing shampoo and conditioner. While you can buy these from regular shops, if you want to really maintain your hair color try purchasing these shampoos directly from a hairdresser. Usually they have much better quality shampoos and conditioners.

Another thing that is very damaging to dyed hair is sunlight. So, whenever you go outside--even if the sunlight is not very strong or direct--be sure to cover up your hair with a hat or a scarf. Something else that will quickly strip the red hair dye from your hair is the chlorine that you find in swimming pools, so be sure to wear a swimming cap and keep your hair up if you are planning on going swimming.

When shampooing your hair, rinse off afterward with cool water rather than steaming hot water. Finally, do not wash your hair too often. Dye washes out as you shampoo your hair, with red hair dye washing out quite quickly. Because of this, try to limit how often you wash your hair -- and remember to use the color enhancing shampoo and conditioner you bought when you do wash it. Just heeding these few guidelines and tips will ensure that your hair stays that gorgeous red color even longer.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Professional Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Getting a perfect shape of your eyebrows done is sometimes a very arduous exercise. For many women, who do not have enough growth or scanty hair around their eyes, it is quite a task to have professionally shaped eye brows. In that case they need to follow some tips so as to enhance the growth of their brows only to help get the right shape with the help of the same.

It is always good to get your eye brows shaped by a professional for the fact that they are experienced enough to give you a shape that suits your face and the eyes both at the same time. There is no question of any variation when it comes to going to a professional who have handled a whole lot of eye brow related queries in the past and who is still handling thousands of people with similar issues. They are trained and are also aware of the fact that the number of strands available should be treated in such a manner that giving a good shape to the eye brow doesn't become a problem at all.

When it comes to shaping your eye brow for the first time for last, whenever that is, all you need to think of is the shape of the face so that you tend to make the shape of the eyebrow to compliment the same. just go along the brow line in such a manner that you get to know where the brow starts and where it should end making you look nice and pretty at the same time complimenting the shape of your face.

When you look at the mirror you should be able to say that your eye brows and face cut are going well with each other and not the other way around.

All you need to do is gauge the eye brow and its shape that is made naturally after which you should compare the shape of your face and the brow in such a way that by the end of the reading you know where to begin with and where to end. Just start tweezing along the brow line keeping the face cut in mind so that wherever you reckon your thread is going haywire, you could simply stop and start again.

Many a time finding the perfect arch is a big problem which cannot be solved by anyone and everyone. For such issues you need to walk into a professional who knows how well to give you a shape that you have always been wanting all your life. Very few know how to make the brow go well with the face cut for the reason that they do not have the experience enough to do the same.

There are also times when you have no choice but to create a shape that will match your face cut due to reasons like loss of hair because of wrong methods of tweezing or scanty growth from the very childhood. All you need to do in this respect is go in for cosmetic surgery to get some strands implanted like it is many a time done for the television girls who need to look great on screen all the time.

So if you think you do not have the right shape of eye brows, don't fret but go to a professional who will help you get the same in a jiffy!

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