Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Basic Tips And Thoughts About Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, we naturally start thinking about the high-protein diet, washing techniques, various shampoo & conditioner variants and herbal remedies. For many among us, hair care starts after you see a silver strand, or when you start losing your hair a lot, or if you feel itchy about the scalp. There are many who consider hair care as a 'fashion or glamour fancy' and do not feel it as a necessary to follow in the daily routine, that's an opposite extreme. But really, how important is hair care for us, and why?

Hair should always be seen as a part of our skin, which is the largest organ of our body. Apart from providing a beautiful crown to our head, it serves many important functions. The health of our hair directly indicates our inner health harmony, and thus most of the systemic ailments do manifest their effects on the hair economy. If you are suffering with some hormonal imbalance, or get an attack of typhoid / malaria, or start losing your vitality due to a chronic gastric derangement, or have a gastric mal-absorption problem, it will be manifested on hair as well.

Hair are made up of proteins, as are muscles. Proteins also are a major component of many hormones, enzymes and immune cells. Thus if you are not eating enough proteins, the body will experience a shortage of it and thus would use the available proteins to build these more important tasks such as muscle repair, production of hormones & enzymes, and immunity. Hair will be given lower priority in case of such protein-crisis. Thus if you are not eating enough proteins and other essential minerals & vitamins, it would be manifested first on your nails, skin and hair. Hair problems, thus can turn out to be the early indicators of internal health disturbance.

Most of us take care of hair or a part of hair that is visible. Thus washing and oiling becomes their only hair care regime; but that is not all. Apart from that one should also massage your scalp every day, at least for 5 minutes. It will not only improve the blood circulation but will also induce a sound sleep, if done at bed time. This massage may or may not be with the use of oil, just doing it with fingertips is enough.

We have already discussed a lot about the protein intake, which is the most essential part of hair care apart from the supply of nutritional supplements which can include Vitamin B, Vitamin, C, Vitamin E and zinc which an excellent source of nutrients for the hair. The diet should have iron, proteins, vitamin complexes and plenty of water. Foods like fresh fruits and vegetables are usually the most ideal for the promotion of healthy hair and growth, since they provide nutrients with the essential fiber as well.

Last but not the least, mental peace. Not worrying about your hair itself can turn out to be one of the significant hair care tip you can follow.

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