Monday, March 28, 2011

Japanese Hair Straightening Review

The introduction of Japanese hair straightening met a warm welcome from people of the western world and very soon it gained extreme popularity and recognition. It is nothing but a chemical process that can turn your curly hair absolutely straight. It is also known as Bio Ionic Straightening, Thermal Reconditioning and the Yuko System. Irrespective of the different terms used to address it, it is a permanent straightening technique in which heat is used to restructure the bonds of the hairs such that each strand of the hair lies straight resulting in smooth, glossy hair that radiates color, reflects light and bears an attractive silky finish.

This method can be applied on all hair types with an exception to African people and extremely brittle hair because these types of hairs fail to withstand the intense heat process. The tighter the curls, the less dramatic and effective results can be seen. However, in all the cases the hair becomes much more manageable and controllable.

Japanese hair straightening takes six hours or longer and comes with an expensive price tag and can range anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on the length and texture of the hair. One needs to make a trip to the salon every six months in order to get root touch ups so that the new hair does not grow kinky. The user needs to follow a strict 72 hour initial aftercare process in order to fully enjoy and benefit long lasting results. The aftercare process comprises of simple guidelines like avoidance of water and moisture, and users are not allowed to tie the hair too tight and wash hair for the first 15 days. As a word of caution, the hair will only stay till straight till hair grows out.

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