Friday, April 8, 2011

Face Shape and Hairstyles - How to Choose the Right Cut For You

Have you ever had a hairstyle that made your face light up? That's what the right haircut can do for you. Because everyone's facial features are different, there aren't any completely hard-and-fast rules for what kinds of hairstyles will work best, but here are some good basic guidelines to choosing a style and cut that flatters and flaunts your natural beauty.

Is your face round?
For round faces, you'll want to minimize volume around your face as much as possible. Some of the most flattering cuts for round faces fall just below your chin. Cuts with soft layers also tend to look nice because they minimize the volume that can make your face look more round. If you want bangs, make sure they are fairly long and swept to the side. Blunt cuts of one length will tend to make your face look more round.

Is your face long?
A long face shape has a few styling challenges. You want to find a style that doesn't drag your face down but also one that doesn't emphasize the length of your face. Too long and your face will look longer. Too short and your face will look long in contrast. Bangs that skim your eye brows and chin length bobs look great because they add width to the face. Curls and waves can also be helpful to add width.

Is your face square?
Square faces have strong jawlines, so your main goal with your hairstyle is to soften and add curves to your hair. You need to add texture to your hair through choppy ends or curls. You can also use sleek styles with layers, as long as the layers start past your chin line. Chin length bobs are not generally the most flattering styles for square faces. You'll also want to avoid bangs that are blunt-cut.

Is your face heart-shaped?
Heart face shapes have wide foreheads and narrow chins. Move the attention from your chin to your eyes and cheekbones by sweeping your bangs to the side. You can also add interest with layers that touch your cheekbones.

Is your face oval?
Those with oval faces are lucky because this allows for the most hairstyle options. Short, long, straight and wavy hairstyles look great on an oval face. You should try a cut that emphasizes your best features. If you want to draw attention to your cheekbones, try an angular bob. If you want to highlight your eyes, consider blunt bangs that end right above your eyebrows.

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