Friday, June 3, 2011

What Is The Best Shade of Red Hair For You?

Are you thinking about trying a new red hair color, but you are not sure exactly which shade would look best? That is understandable, there are many different shades of red hair coloring, and while some may look great on you, others may not be the best choice. It all depends on your skin coloring and tone. What looks great on a brunette with olive skin, may not suit the blond with fair skin and freckles. Don't worry though, there is something for everyone.

Real redheads typically have fair skin, freckles, and a tendency to sunburn rather than tan. That type of skin is usually considered to be fair skin coloring. Someone with fair skin will look best sporting a strawberry blond or a light copper hair style. Terra-cotta shades are also fine. However, any of the darker red shades such as the dark auburn and especially the outstanding violet shades will only cause your skin to look pale and washed out. Choosing the strawberry blonds or other suitable shades will bring out the delicacy and finer features of your skin, so choose those.

Even brunettes with fair skin coloring should stick to these lighter shades. Just remember, it all depends on your skin coloring, not your original hair coloring.

Those with medium skin tones may originally have blond hair or brunette hair, or on occasion dark brown hair. Again, hair color does not matter, it is all about skin tone. If you have medium skin tones you will still want to avoid the very outstanding violets, bright coppers and dark auburn. Instead, go for the red-browns and the light to medium auburn.

If you have dark or olive skin, then you can be bold and make a statement with the bright violet red hair color, or the dark auburn and burgundies. Instead, you would want to avoid the paler red colors, such as the strawberry blond red color or the light auburn or light coppers.

It can be difficult to choose exactly which shade will look the best, especially if you have never dyed your hair red before. One idea that many beauticians suggest is to have your hair streaked with the color you are thinking about going. That way, if it does not look as good as expected you only have a few streaks that will soon grow out. But, by the same reasoning, you should also be able to tell once the streaks are in place, if that is actually the color you were hoping for, and you can usually tell how well it would suit you.

If you are still undecided, a quick trip to the hairdresser where you ask for their opinion should help. They usually have a selection of magazines with different hair styles and colors that you could also look through.

It can be a big step to go from your original color to a shade of red hair color, but it is a lot of fun to suddenly become 'a redhead'!

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