Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top 10 Japanese Hair Straightening Questions

Q1: Is Thermal Reconditioning (TR) or Japanese Hair Straightening a solution for frizzy hair?

A: Whether or not this is right for you depends on your hair texture and your lifestyle. It is an amazing process that can transform kinky curls to silky straight hair. If your curls are very curly, the re-growth will show in about 6 weeks. Keep in mind, if your hair is frizzy due to chemical processes, it may require an experienced stylist to determine if it is safe to work on you. In all cases, an experienced stylist is extremely important.

Q2: What is the different between Yuko System, Bio-Ionic Stir 8 and other related brands?

A: All Straightening brands basically produce the same results but are manufactured by different companies. Some stylists prefer one brand over another, simply based on their individual opinions. Generally, when a stylist uses a product and enjoys the results, that brand becomes their #1 choice. But chemically speaking most of the straightening products used in this process are roughly the same.

Q3: Why is it called Japanese Hair Straightening?

A: It is from Japan is because they created the process. The Japanese used this process to make thick coarse hair thinner. But when western hair stylists tried this process on their curls, they discovered that they can also make their curls into smooth straight hair. That is the reason Thermal Reconditioning (TR) is also called Japanese Hair Straightening.

Q4: How will I know which Straightening brand is best for me?

A: Instead of focusing on the best brand, concentrate on finding the best Straightening stylist. A product could be the best in the world but if your stylist is not using it correctly, the results will be insignificant and possibly damaging.

Q5: I had the Yuko System done. Can I try other systems like Bio-Ionic?

A: Yes. There is no problem to use different systems since they are basically the same. Just make sure your stylist has a lot of experience on Japanese Hair Straightening. There is almost no difference between the chemical process between different brands of Hair Straightening.

Q6: Why is my hair breaking and falling out after getting my Japanese Hair Straightening done?

A: When the hair process is not performed correctly, people experience negative results like hair breakage and loss. Please remember this is a chemical process and it will hurt your hair if not done correctly - that is why an experienced stylist is so crucial. This is especially true for stylists who leave the chemical process in your hair for too long before using the neutralizer, or using the incorrect strength for the quality of your hair.

Q7: Why are my ends still dry and frizzy, even long after the service was done?

A: One of two things happened - either the ends of your hair were over-processed or under-processed. To fix it, see your stylist and trim your hair ends. Also, try using a leave-in conditioner on your hair (concentrate on the ends) before blow-drying. Also typically in these harsh chemical processes, you will need to buy a good hair treatment to help maintain the quality of your hair.

Q8: Do different shampoos and treatments make a big difference on my processed hair?

A: Yes. When hair is processed, the inside structure of hair is permanently altered. Using the shampoos and treatments designed specifically for people who have had the service done is extremely important. These products will keep your hair smooth and healthy. Usually your stylist will recommend using the same brand of shampoo and conditioner or treatment to help maintain the quality of your hair.

Q9: Why is my hair so flat after having my hair straightened?

A: Because the process was done too close to the scalp -- wait about a week and your hair will be fine.

Q10: This straightening process is too expensive where can I find a more affordable one?

A: It is best to stick to a good stylist who is experienced with the straightening process instead of focusing on price. A botched job may leave your hair damaged for a long period of time. However you can save some money on the side of buying the hair maintenance products after a service has been done.

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