Friday, October 28, 2011

How Often Should We Cut Our Hair?

When it comes to physical appearance, hair has always been one of women's best assets. That is why hair care has been a constant obsession for women. Throughout history, many products and techniques have been used for curing hair problems they generally deal with.

No matter what hair color and texture we may have, we generally dream of changing our natural hair attributes by coloring, straightening or curling it. But even though women are so different, they all aspire to the same goal: they all want to have beautiful, shiny and, if possible, long hair locks. And for that, they are willing to do all kinds of sacrifices.

According to one of the most common urban myths, the more you cut it, the faster it will grow. In reality, regular haircuts can't influence the hair growth rate. It will grow about half an inch per month no matter what you do. It's true that it may look healthier if you remove the split ends frequently, but that doesn't mean it grows faster.

It's true that there is no hard rule dictating when it is best for you to pay a visit to your hairdresser. But, if you want to refresh your look, it is advisable to get a trim every month or at least every two months; this way you will keep your hemline neat.

As we are all different, we all need trimming at different time intervals; fine, fragile hair frequently exposed to chemical treatment splits easily and needs constant trimming, whereas natural, thick untreated locks may look great even if you don't trim them so often. Whenever you choose a specific product or hair treatment, take into consideration your own needs.

Both professional hairdressers and dermatologists agree upon a list of factors that influence hair strength and beauty: a balanced diet, sleep, genetic predisposition, general health, a daily multi vitamin intake as well as regular washing with quality products. Use appropriate shampoos and conditioners, don't stress your hair using a flat iron on a daily basis and don't comb it energetically while it's still wet. Protect your hair from extreme temperatures using quality products and embellish it with fancy accessories. Make sure you take good care of your health and ask for professional advice whenever you feel it's necessary.

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