Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bangs: It's All About Facial Size

Every so often, the runway and the style magazines will feature models with perfect bangs. This usually leads to a new surge of interest in the salon as women attempt to replicate the allure they see on the printed page or the runway. Too often, this fails. The reason for this is simple: face shape decides style in many ways and bangs are probably the one hairstyle most affected by it.

Every woman can look good with bangs, it's just a matter of having the right style. That style will be determined by your facial shape. Sadly, many stylists are themselves not sure of which goes with what and many will just replicate what they see in the magazine regardless of differences.

If your face is very round needs a different look than one that is long or heart shaped. Here's a general style guide based on facial shape:

Heart-shaped Face: If your face is heart shaped (also called pearl drop), will need a blunt, straight set of bangs to look best. These should be just below the eyebrows for best effect and will work to soften a sharp, pointed chin. In addition, bangs of this length can be parted or combed to the side to fit the rest of the hairstyle and outfit being used.

Long Face: A longer face usually has a high forehead and high cheek bones. To offset this length, longer bangs that come down the forehead are best. These can be blunt or somewhat rounded (longer to the sides) to create a shorter facial appearance and emphasize roundness instead of length.

Oval Face: Oval faces differ from round faces simply because they are usually a little longer. An oval face looks best with angled and short bangs, but can handle almost any bang style that isn't too extreme. Most models you see in magazines sporting bangs have a generally oval or roundish face.

Round Face: Similar to the oval face, this facial shape can accommodate almost any bang style, provided it's slightly modified to fit the face. Rounded bangs, which are concave -shorter at the center, longer on the sides - can make a round face look oval. Airy or wispy bangs can look great as well, making it appear there is more forehead, thus lengthening the face into an oval.

Square Face: Long, angled bangs look great on a square face because it slashes the square and makes it appear less blocky. It does this subtly by moving the eye diagonally rather than straight. Rounded bangs also look good on most square faces because of their tendency to soften the square and create a more circular look.

Once you've chosen the right style for your face's shape, you'll want to know what is best for your lifestyle and beauty time. If you don't have a lot of time for hair and makeup in the morning, you'll want to go with a simpler style for easier maintenance. Long bangs, including circular cuts, can be easily cared for with a simple blow dry and a boar-style brush. Shorter bangs can be easily cared for with just your fingers and a downward blow dry.

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