Monday, January 23, 2012

Things to Consider When Searching For a New Hairstyle

Many of us, especially as we reach our 20s and 30s, have selected a certain hair cut or hair style that we deem attractive and manageable. When we were kids, we all went through the bangs, then the super-short mushroom cut (Mom: "If you don't take care of that hair I'm going to chop it all off") and even the perm or platinum-blonde phase. But now, as we reach mature adulthood, we've found one or two cuts and styles that work. But what if we change our minds?
There are many things to consider before making a major hair style change. Although spontaneity seems like a good idea when for the fourth day in a row we can't get our hair to do anything right and are forced to leave the house with a hat or a pony-tail, overall it's best to do some planning and consideration before chopping off those locks.
First, consider what you currently don't like about your hair cut. Is it too long? Too layered? Too top-heavy? Too dark? Too light? Too something else? Just plain awful? Whatever your situation may be, keep in mind the specific things you want to change, before you just waltz into a random salon somewhere.
Sometimes it can be helpful to browse magazines and the Internet to find other hairstyles that you like and would like to try. But keep in mind that just because it works for Katherine Heigl (and her team of hair people) doesn't mean it will work for you. It's great to have a general idea of what you want, but be sure to remain flexible because if might not work exactly the same in your hair.
If you're growing out your hair and have become fed up with the awkward-in-between-hits-your-shoulders-at-just-the-wrong-spot length, don't abandon all you work and cut everything off! Remember what happened last time you did that? Two days later you hated it and just had to start all over. Consider going in for a trim, or maybe some highlights to enhance your look without destroying all of your effort.
The most important thing to consider when switching your hair style, is finding a stylist that you like and trust. Don't let someone you've never worked with before drastically alter your look. It will not end well. Promise. Because you like and trust your stylist, take his or her word for it when he/she tells you that the hairstyle you've selected simply will not work on your hair. Listen to suggestions of how you might slightly change it to work better with your current cut or type of hair. He will know best, he is the professional afterall.
All in all, when you decide to have a drastic hairstyle change, wait awhile before you actually go through with it. This will give you time to consider what you've decided to do and make sure that you don't regret it a few days later. Look at all of your options and remain flexible to suggestions. Remember that your all-time favorite celebrity didn't wake up with that hair. She sat in a chair for hours while highly trained professionals transformed her hair into that creation. Trust your stylist and consider all of you options. You don't want to end up with a flash-back of the perm/bangs/mushroom cut days.
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