Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Reasons Why Your Hair Should Be Trimmed Or Cut

The great Martin Luther once famously said, "The hair is the richest ornament of women." Hair not only enhances beauty, it also reveals a lot about the person's habits. Many women spend hours attending to their face and skin and have very little time for their hair. Hair damage in many cases is irreversible. One of the best solutions for hair problems is to regularly cut or trim it. This makes your hair manageable and consumes less time in taking care of it. The three reasons why you should trim and cut it regularly are:

Control Split Ends - Split ends are the most common types of problems. In this, the hair splits into two or more strands towards its end. Split ends are a result of normal hair wear and tear, but can also be caused by vigorous toweling, excessive blow-drying or coloring, bleaching or over exposure to the sun. Many people don't attend to split ends on time. This can lead to damaging the hair completely and reaching a point of no return.

In today's fast and busy life, split ends have become common as people have little time to attend to their hair. The easiest method to control split ends is by regularly trimming. Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks will remove split ends and keep your hair healthy and growing strong. This can however vary depending on its growth cycle.

Remove Old Color - Life demands constant change and one way to stand out among the crowd is to color your hair. People these days are experimenting with hair color more than ever before. From semi-permanent to permanent hair color people are trying every possible product and every possible shade. However, one problem most users face is getting rid of the old color.

Here too trimming or cutting your hair serves as an ideal solution. Hair grows out from the scalp and the new hair comes out in the original state. Therefore, to get rid of the old color, all you need to do is cut or trim.

Staying Within Your Age Range - Everyone desires to look young but how many can actually achieve it? The quality of your hair reflects your age and so taking care of your hair is of utmost importance. Although hair loss is a natural process, excessive hair loss at a premature age can make a women look older.

Long hair looks beautiful but not everyone can manage long it. Cutting and trimming makes it manageable and allows you to keep it healthy. It is up to you to choose between long hair and healthy hair! Long hair worn down can also make an older woman look even older.

Summary: Trimming and cutting your hair is one of the best ways to take care of it. Trimming is the solution to split ends, hair loss and removing old color. It makes the hair healthy and more manageable.

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