Sunday, November 18, 2012

Get Rid of Flyaway Hair This Winter Season

Well, flyaways are caused when hair strands pick up positive charges. These charges cause some strands to lift away from the rest of the hair so it's no longer in place but loosely "flying" away on its own. This can make for a bad hair day and a bad mood especially when you put the effort into making your hairstyle. Basically, you have lost moisture from your hair. It's common to have this happen due to the winter's dry air. Also, sometimes the heating in your home and workplace can dry out hair as well as static from clothing.

What to do?

Well, a great tip is carrying lotion in your purse. Lightly rub some lotion on your hands and smooth it onto the hair. Use very little - just enough to add a bit of moisture to your hair. Another good tip is before you style your hair make sure you use a leave-in conditioner on your hair as well as a bit of styling serum to give your hair a bit of moisture so it can withstand any dry air or static that it may encounter once you leave the house.

As you know, winter weather can wreck havoc on your hair so the only way to repel the evil demon of dry air is to use the right products. Follow these tips and say goodbye to flyaway hair!

Also look for products that provide moisture to the hair. This is extremely important especially for those with curly hair who want to avoid the frizzies. If you're shopping for hair products, buy products with the following ingredients coconut oil, wheat germ, keratin and/or jojoba, vitamins such as biotin, panthenol, vitamin A, E and essential oils. These ingredients work well with any hair type.

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