Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bold Hair Colors the New Trend in 2013

While some individuals see bold hair colors as a means of attracting unwanted attention, it seems that there is a fairly wide group of fashion friendly consumers that will be rocking these bold colors in 2013. In light of this, it is appropriate to state that hair colors and hair color trends are a huge part of overall fashion culture. The following will inform individuals of the most popular hair color trends in 2013.

The Ombre Look
The ombre look, as defined by stylists, is most seen on people with longer hairstyles and involves a two-toned color trend. Specifically, the ombre look is achieved when the top of the head is a darker color and the color slowly fades into a lighter color at the ends. The ombre look is said by some to be ideal for brunettes. However, blondes and other hair colors can certainly flaunt this look as well. In fact, super stars such as Drew Barrymore and Ashlee Simpson have both been known to rock the ombre look.

This year, it seems that pastels have made their way up the ladder to come in as the second new look in 2013. With influences such as pop star Nicki Minaj, or the new drama series, The Hunger Games, bright pastels and subtle bits of color are the new trend for 2013. While some sources say that this look used to only be relevant to the younger age groups, the trend is now being offered to a larger market and is being introduced in most salons. So whether it's a bright pink hair day or a subtle hint of blue or lavender, pastels are just one way that consumers are making a personal statement.

For a stylish new look that can be both hot and saucy, red is the new pink on the trend list. Shades of red, specifically bright reds, have become part of the new, punkish look that many are trying this year. However, while the bright reds may be too much for some, the more subtle and appealing shades of red, such as auburn or titian, have been seen on faces such as Megan Fox and Amanda Bynes. With that said, it appears that almost anyone can stay in style by going red in 2013.

Mix and Match
Although there are many more choices to choose from, the hair color trends presented in 2013 can be mixed and matched if one color is too hard to commit to. As an example, stylists make the argument that the ombre look could be coupled with the bright red colors or even the pastels. Furthermore, stylists suggest that whatever color is chosen can be put with an ombre style and color can be added to either the top or the ends, if preferred. Either way, the idea of mixing and matching hair colors seems to be as acceptable now as matching shorts with tank tops has always been.

At the end of the day, most stylists may not be able to agree on what is in or out. However, when it comes to consumer preferences and ratings, most experts can agree on one thing: that many new colors and styles are acceptable in 2013 that were not even mentioned a few years ago. In short, one could say that almost anything goes this year. Whether it's a mix and matching day, or a bright red fun day with self-expression as the ultimate goal, 2013's hottest hair colors are the boldest and the brightest to date.

Whichever style or color is chosen, the 2013 hair color trend options are like no one has ever seen. In light of this, some consumers may only be convinced when celebrities choose to rock the look first. However, for others, the need for self-expression may do the trick all on its own. Either way, it is safe to say that 2013 brings a whole new level of hair color options to the table.

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