Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hot New Highlights For Your Hair This Winter

As the weather turns colder and the days become shorter many of us look for a bit of pampering to lift our spirits during the colder months and one of the great ways to treat yourself is to have your hair done. Winter fashions tend to be darker in colour and we lose our sunkissed colour from our skin so the best way to give us a lift and remind us of the summer is by adding highlights to our hair.

Highlights not only lift the tone of your hair but also add warmth to your face right at the time when you most need it. As the name indicates highlights are lightened or coloured sections of hair and can be as little as one or two shades lighter right through to a complete contrast. They can also be subtle with smaller sections of hair lightened or more evident with chunkier sections using various application methods such as foils where the hair is sectioned off and kept separate after the application of the colour by encasing it in foil, hair painting where the colour is, as the name suggests, painted onto the hair giving it a natural look, frosting where only the tips of the hair have bleach applied, and chunking where large chunks of hair are coloured, this can not only be highlights but also chunks of non-natural hair colours such as pink and blue.

Highlights can also be more than one colour, your hairdresser may choose to use several different tones to really add some vibrancy to your style. One of the current highlight styles is known as ombre where, particularly longer hair, is lightened to a very contrasting colour at the ends and then blended to a much darker colour at the roots.

Whilst highlights are generally a lightening of your natural colour you can also add other tones to add some vibrancy to the natural colour. Copper is a particularly popular colour as it suits many hair and skin tones and adds a lot of warmth to darker hair and shines when the light hits it.

Your hairdresser will be able to offer some great suggestions about what highlights will suit your hair colour, your skin tone, and your personality. Highlights are suitable for all hair styles from the very short to the extremely long and they can be subtle or have major impact. Highlights really can give your whole look a lift especially during the rather dull winter months.

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