Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting Rid of the Grey With Professional Hair Coloring

Getting old stinks-well, it's true. Let's just be honest. So many things stop working and start going wrong. It begins with squinting when you try to read fine print, then finally breaking down and buying those over the counter reading glasses from your local drug store. Next thing you know you're tweezing a few gray hairs out of your eyebrow, and then you notice the ones on your head. The first time can be shocking and devastating, but in actuality, getting grey doesn't mean you're getting old. Some people go grey in their twenties. But everyone goes grey eventually.

Men sometimes try to hide grey hair (or the fact that they're balding) by shaving their heads, but that doesn't really seem to be an option for us women. Back to the drug store, yet again, this time to pick up a box of color that promises to hide those pesky greys, but it never really does, does it? Often it only achieves in covering some of them while others are still there... mocking us. On top of that, our natural color is now some weird hue of ash green.

Well, ladies, the truth is that you might get lucky once in a blue moon but to get professional results you really need a professional. Imagine that! By now, of course, you hit the salon with a mess that your stylist is going to need to fix with some corrective hair coloring. Basically that just means they might have to strip the color mess you applied to your hair in order to apply new color that won't make you look like the Algae Queen. When you need coloring, it's important to visit a professional for the best in coloring.

Corrective hair color is usually a bit more expensive than a regular hair color (covering gray hair or not) because it's a two to three step process, but it's necessary to fix your, well, your oops. It can be much more affordable to just go to a professional in the first place, but yes, some of us like to try to save money here and there. Trust me ladies, a good stylist can fix things with some corrective color but you really need to leave the boxes at the store in the first place. Getting a professional to color your hair right the first time will be less costly, less time consuming and give you complete coverage of that stubborn grey you've been trying to avoid for years.

Tara Uhrinek is the owner of Salon 8410 in St. Petersburg, Florida. If you need to hide your grey hairs, you won't find a better hair coloring salon in St. Pete.
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