Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Knotty Hair Salon Attends Specialty Class: Braids & Balayage

I just attended a Braids and Balayage Class on August 31st in Sacramento held at Space07 Salon.

This was a hands-on, see-and-do teaching session, put on by educators Jenny Strebe of Confessions of a Hairstylist, and Jay Wesley Olson, owner of Bespoke Salon.  This class caputres todays hottest trends of braiding while accentuating and bringing to life the color with the art of balayage.

In part one, the class went over the basic strokes of balayage and introduced the single, double, and triple point techniques.

In part two, after a recap of what was learned in part one, this part  taught the "Mohawk" section of balayge. Then went into more depth using different saturation techniques within the part. We also learned reverse balayage techniques, or shadow low lighting, which will achieve the perfect leave in color. 

I learned a lot from this class that will help us to keep on the cutting edge of hair styling. Many of us attend several classes each year to stay up with changes in our industry and to serve our clients with the best that we can offer. -- Emily Giangrasso, Owner of Knotty Hair Salon

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