Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Hair Extensions

You Get What You Pay For

Honestly, we've all heard the phrase before: "You get what you pay for." Well, hair extensions are no exception. The higher quality the hair, the longer your hair will look luscious, beautiful, and full. Choosing the right stylist is also very important. Many hair stylists know different techniques and have different strengths when it comes to installing the hair. Make sure the one you choose knows how to work with your hair texture, the hair extensions, and the method you want to install them with. If you decide to color your hair, make sure to work with the same stylist who will ensure that your hair matches the hair extensions.

Avoid Products With Alcohol

Alcohol dries out your hair! Many of the drug store and beauty supply store brand shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids come with alcohol on the label. Be very wary of any product labels mentioning ethanol alcohols. There are a few alcohols that will actually condition your hair instead of drying it out, such as cetyl alcohol or benenyl alcohol. Usually derived from a coconut or a palm tree, these types of alcohols are usually in a sold, thicker form. All in all, be very careful of what products you're putting into your hair extensions.

Treat Your New Hair Like It's Your Own

Don't be afraid to give your hair a conditioning treatment or style the hair extensions with the same care you'd use on your own hair. Air-dry as often as possible and use low heat when styling to avoid heat damage. Brush your locks at night before bed and in the morning before and after showering.

Satin Is Your Friend

Whether it's a satin pillow or a satin cap, you need one for sleeping in a night. During the night, our sleep movements against other materials like cotton cause friction that damages the hair creating tangles. Avoid this by wrapping your hair up in a satin cap or choosing to use a satin pillow case. If you're want to be extra cautious, use both! The plus side is you'll feel like royalty as you sleep on satin.

Professional Maintenance & Upkeep

Seek a professional hair stylist who will not only install the hair extensions for you but also maintain them during the life of your new hair. The kind of hair extensions you choose will depend on what kind of maintenance you need but overall, you should seek professional help in order to get the maximum life out of your hair extensions.

So those are our ways of keeping your the modern marvel of your hair extensions in it's ultra fabulous condition. Have any more friendly tips? Leave a comment below and share your knowledge!
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