Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wrapped Pull Thru Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

One of my all time favorite hairstyles is the Pull Thru Braid. So when I learned this version I knew I had to show others too! This hairstyle tutorial is perfect for any occasion including a Homecoming dance hairstyle, a prom hairstyle, a simple every day hairstyle, or even an athletic hairstyle.

Begin this hairstyle by creating a french braid on each side of the head. I don't add in much hair and when I run out of hair at the end I simply secure with an elastic.

Now I take a small section of hair near the back of my head and add an elastic. I like to poof this section to add some volume and fulness to my hairstyle. This also gives me the base of the pull-thru braid.

Create an entire pull thru braid with the remainer of the hair. Be sure to pancake the hair as you go to add even more fullness! Now I take the beginning french braids and lay them over the top of the pull thru. Use bobby pins to secure the braids to the back of your head.

Once they are secure I roll the braid up and into a ball and tuck it under the braids to hide the ends. Again use bobby pins to secure.

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