Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Should I Spend $550 On the Dyson Airwrap? | The Real Deal | InStyle

This week on The Real Deal we're trying out the popular hair styling tool, Dyson Airwrap. Two years after releasing the game-changing Supersonic Hair Dryer to rave reviews, Dyson started pandemonium again with the Airwrap, which curls and straightens hair using minimal heat.

The Airwrap's hefty price tag hasn't stopped people from buying it. But how effortless is the Airwrap, for someone who isn't a professional stylist? For the sake of healthier hair, we put our experts to the task of finding out.

The Real Deal is InStyle's new series where beauty insiders test out the latest beauty trends and let you know if the investment is worth it. From high end to low end, we're dedicated to delivering everything you need to know about trending beauty crazes.

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