Sunday, February 12, 2012

Deciding Your Next Hair Cut

Though we all love to look good with the right hairstyle that contributes to our looks, when it comes to going and having a hair cut, we always tend to postpone and procrastinate. It gets tiring having to think and choose a suitable hairstyle.

We do come across people sporting badly cut hairstyle or ill fitting hairstyles. So how do we ensure it doesn't happen with us and we choose a style that fits our appearance?

Hairstylists first have a look at the face and its shape to be able to match the hairstyle. Therefore you must first study your face cut and understand what shape it is. Different people have different face structure varying from round, square, long, triangular, bony to heart shape etc. Hairstyles will have to be matched as to suit the shape accordingly.

People with round face can either sport medium or long hair. If the hair is medium, then it is always better to have step cut with oval shape or straight cut. The multi layers ads bounce to the hair and goes well with the round face. If the hair is long then keep it straight with a trim and maintain the length.

People with heart shaped face can keep changing their hairstyle more often for very many styles suit their face. They can easily carry off short and medium haircuts. However keeping less hair on the forehead and more towards the chin will make them look good. Both blunt as well as steps will look very good on them.

A square face with silky hair can be well suited with medium length blunt cut with a few steps on the hair in front of the temples. Always use side partition to take the focus off the square face. The temples should be covered or hidden with a short cut lock of hair preferably with waves.

Most of the hairstyles suit a triangular face. They look good both with short as well as long hair too. If the hair is long and silky, have a center partition and a free flowing hair with straight trim. If the hair is short, they a beautiful veg cut or a step cut with a U shape will look good. But short cut with a blunt will not suit the triangular shaped face.

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