Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Product Sale

 Summer Sale!
10% off of the following products (while supplies last):

Texture Master-
This texture spray is perfect for when you want that strong holding, long lasting, none teasing hair; great for all types of hair.

This is a leave- in conditioner, detangler; made to strengthen and restore hair as well as protecting from heat. Great for all types of hair.

Maxi Wash-
This product is used as both a detoxing and purifying built up in your hair. it is both sulfate and paraben free. Great for all types of hair.

Born Again Wash-
Also known for being a moisturizing therapy shampoo. Great for chemically damaged hair that is in need of restoration. Great for all types of hair.

Born Again-
Along with the wash, Born Again is used as a conditioning treatment, pairing up with Born Again Wash, making a great couple. Great for all types of hair.

Blonde Angel Wash-
Blonde Angel Wash is GREAT for those with blonde tones. This shampoo holds Lavender infused, color enhancing ingredients; great for keeping up with your blonde, shiny, none dull hair.

Blonde Angel (Conditioner)-
Along with the Blonde Angel Wash, this moisturizing conditioner is also great for chemically (blonde) damaged hair. Used for after the Blonde Angel Wash to enhance color, moisturize, and soften bleached, highlighted, and grey hair. great for repairing and refreshing brassy and yellowed blonde tones.

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